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Men are the worst gift givers, especially when it comes to their girlfriends and wives. Whether trying to make up after a fight or just expressing love for her, skip the flowers and chocolates if you don't want them hurled back at you. At the Woodgeek Store, we help you create the perfect personalised gift for your girlfriend. After all, the gift has to be as special as the person.

Here is how you can score brownie points with romantic wooden personalized gifts for her.

1. A personalized photo notebook with a couple picture or a photo of her

Customized gifts for her - Personalised Journals - Woodgeek Store

Engraved bamboo wood notebook - Love forever- Woodgeek Store

Engraved wood journal - Personal love notes - Woodgeek Store

What better way to say it than a wood notebook with a photo. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a famous love quote to go with the picture, engrave your names in wood or add a personal message. A wood notebook with her photo makes the best personalized gift for her! 

 2. A custom wood phone case for iPhone engraved with a photo

Engraved wooden phone case for boyfriend or girlfriend

Customized wooden phone case with girlfriend's picture - Woodgeek Store

Nothing will make your girlfriend happier than a picture of her or the two of you engraved on a wooden phone case along with a short romantic text or your names engraved on wood. It's a thoughtful and intimate gift. 

3. A custom made bamboo notebook or wooden phone case engraved with her favourite quote, sportsperson, actor or someone inspirational

Engraved bamboo notebook for Harry Potter fans - Woodgeek Store

Steve Jobs Wood Journal - Personalised Gifts - Woodgeek Store

If the above doesn't work for you and you still want to gift your girlfriend a personalized romantic gift, you could always gift them a custom made bamboo notebook or wooden phone case engraved with an image of an inspiring person, a favourite movie or tv series quote or character or sportsperson. 

4. Engrave personal love notes on a custom spiral bamboo notebook or wooden phone case

Engraved bamboo notebook with special love message for wife - Woodgeek Store

Engraved bamboo journal with special love message for wife - Woodgeek Store

It doesn't get more romantic than personal love notes. Handwritten notes are passe, personalized engraved wooden products are the new thing. Engrave a personal love note on our bamboo notebook or a small love message on our wooden phone case or even sunglasses case. We can even engrave on the temple of your sunglasses but it has a 15 character limit. Not great with words? Say it with a love quote. Find a quote that expresses your feelings best and get it engraved by us. You can also choose something already on  Woodgeek Store and engrave it your names. 

5. Engrave your names on our wood journals & pens, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses

    Wooden Sunglasses engraved with your name - Woodgeek Store

    Customised wooden glasses - Personalised Gifts - Woodgeek Store

    The days of lovers' names and initials on tree barks may be over, but we could still engrave your names on our personalized wooden notebooks & pens, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses. We make the best kind of custom engraved wooden gifts. 

      6. Engrave your love in another language on our custom bamboo journals, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and wood frame prescription glasses

      Hindi Shayari Wood Journal - Customised Gifts for her - Woodgeek Store

      Bamboo Notebook with custom engraving in Hindi - Woodgeek Store

      Say it in another language. This is the best customized gift. We engrave messages in Hindi, Bengali and other languages too. After all, somethings only sound right in a certain language and we wouldn't want your love note to get lost in translation. Engrave your message in any language on our custom bamboo wood notebooks, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and wood frame optical glasses.

       7. Celebrate womanhood with an engraved wood journal or phone case  

      Some women are lost in the fire - Personalized Bamboo Wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store

      Books for the mind, Heels for the feet and travel for the soul - Peronalized wooden phone cases for women - Woodgeek Store

      Women face so much backlash from everywhere that it is always nice to appreciate them for being who they are. Gift your girlfriend or wife a special customised wood journal or phone case from our women series.

      Finding the perfect romantic gift for your boyfriend or husband in this age of mass-produced goods can be a Herculean task. Gifts for that special someone should be thoughtful and custom made for him. We play Cupid at the Woodgeek Store and help you create the best engraved gifts for him.

      Personalised Gifts for him - Woodgeek Store

      Customised gifts for boyfriend - Woodgeek Store

      Unique Personalized Romantic Gifts for Men

      1. Engrave his favourite sports club or player

      Wooden phone case and notebook for every football lover - Woodgeek Store

      Custom engrave a wood journal, wooden iPhone case, wood frame sunglasses and wooden prescription glasses case with the logo of his favourite football club or favourite player. There is nothing more romantic than a woman who understands her boyfriend's love for football or cricket. This is a perfect customized gift for the sports lover. The football fan in him will love you forever. We can even engrave the name of his favourite club on the temple of the glasses.

      Buy Custom engraved Dhoni bamboo notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Cricket is a religion in India and if your boyfriend happens to be a worshiper, gift him an engraved bamboo wood notebook, wooden Iphone phone case, wooden sunglasses and wood frame optical eyeglasses case with his favourite cricketer.

      Buy custom engraved bamboo Roger Federer notebook for all tennis lovers - Woodgeek Store

      Not a football or cricket fan? We can create personalized engraved gifts for tennis lovers or any other sport lover.  

      2. Engrave his favourite sports bike or car

      Custom Engraved Wooden Iphone Case for Bike Lovers - Harley Davidson - Woodgeek Store

      Men and cars! If his first love is a car or a bike, a custom engraved bamboo notebook, wooden iPhone case, wood frame sunglasses and wooden eyewear case with his dream bike or car is the best gift for him. 

      3. Engrave a travel diary or adventure journal

      Custom engraved Travel Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Customized engraved bamboo sunglasses- Wanderlust - Woodgeek Store

      Travelling is way of life and if your boyfriend is among those who love to travel, the best gift for him would a personalised notebook or wooden iPhone case with a travel quote or a picture from his travels on it to jot down his experiences. Gift him our polarized wooden sunglasses with a special message on the temple or the case of his glasses.   

      4. Engrave the lyrics of his favourite song

      Customized engraved bamboo notebook for music lovers - Woodgeek Store

      Romance and music go hand in hand and if you have a music lover for a boyfriend, the perfect gift for him would be a customized wooden iPhone case  engraved with the lyrics of his favourite song or a personalized wooden journal  engraved with his favourite band or wooden sunglasses and wood frame spectacle frames with a personalized case.

      5. Engrave a couple picture or a picture of him

      Custom Engraved wooden phone case with couple image - Woodgeek Store

      What better way to say it than a picture of the two of you or a picture of him engraved on a bamboo notebook or wooden phone case. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a famous love quote or a personal love note to go with the picture and engrave your names in wood. It's a thoughtful and intimate gift.

      6. Engrave his name or a small text on the temple of his sunglasses or prescription glasses

      Custom made gifts for men - Woodgeek Store

      Custom engraved bamboo sunglasses with a name - Woodgeek Store

      Gift him hand crafted wooden sunglasses or wooden optical eyeglasses engraved with his name, both your initials or a small text with a 15 character limit on the temple of the glasses this Valentine's Day. Our sunglasses and prescription glasses come in a bamboo wood case, which can also be engraved.

      7. Engrave a love message in another language

      Custom engraved bamboo notebook in Bengali - Rabindranath Tagore - Woodgeek Store

      Say it in another language. This is the most unique customized gift for men. Tell him you love him in French or any Indian language. We engrave messages in Hindi, Bengali and other Indian languages too. After all, somethings only sound right in a certain language and we wouldn't want your love note to get lost in translation. Engrave your message in any language on our custom wood journals, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and wood frame optical glasses or choose from our existing regional language notebooks.

      Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with name engraving - Woodgeek Store

      Personalise corporate gifts from Woodgeek Store

      Calendars, pen drives, paper weights with a company logo - corporate gifts like these are forgotten the minute you give them to your client. They either end up collecting dust somewhere or in the trash. A drab and generic corporate gift will never promote your brand well.

      Stand out in the rut of boring corporate gifting with unique corporate gifts from the Woodgeek Store - bamboo notebooks, wooden iPhone cases and wooden sunglasses and spectacle frames. We tell you why our products are the best choice for corporate gifting.

      • They're one-of-a-kind. Everything at the Woodgeek Store is made of wood. That makes them unique in itself. No two bamboo notebooks, wooden sunglasses or wooden phone cases are the same because of the wood grain texture.
      • We take personalisation to another level. We can customize the wooden notebooks and wooden phone cases with any image or text - your company logo, name and client names. Our wooden sunglasses and its bamboo box can also be customized with text of your choice.
      • * We offer wholesale prices for bulk orders. We take bulk orders for all our wooden products and offer wholesale prices for bulk orders!
      • We're sustainable and durable. Our wooden notebooks are made of bamboo. So they're eco-friendly! Since all our products are made of wood, they are strong and last forever.

      For bulk orders, send us a mail at

      Custom notebooks for employees

      The first thing an employee receives when he joins a new company is a diary. So why not replace the regular drab diary with a personalized notebook engraved with their name to motivate them? Whether you need a thank you gift for your employees or something to gift them during the holiday season, our bamboo notebook engraved with their name adds a personal touch to corporate gifts.

      Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with name engraving - Woodgeek Store

      Tea lover custom bamboo journal for Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotels

      Thinking beyond company names on notebooks for corporate gifting, we engraved the perfect tea lover quote on our bamboo journals for Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotels. What better way to impress a client or customer than a unique wooden notebook engraved with a tea quote from a tea estate!

      Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal for tea lovers - Woodgeek Store

      Personalised iPhone 7 wood cases for FSD Building Materials Pvt. Ltd

      A wooden phone case is an unique corporate gift in itself. Gift your employees or clients a personalised iPhone case with your company logo. This makes for an extraordinary corporate gift that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

      Corporate Gifts - Personalised Wooden iPhone 7 case with Company Logo - Woodgeek Store

      Corporate Gifts - Personalised Wooden iPhone 7 case with Company Logo - Woodgeek Store

      Bulk spiral notebooks personalised with brand and employee name for Adidas

      Make your corporate gift stand out by engraving the name of your client or employee along with your brand name. At the Woodgeek Store, we engrave customer or client names even for bulk orders. This will make a lasting impression on your clients.

      Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal for Adidas - Woodgeek Store

      Promoting 'Make in India' with personalised notebooks for Rugs in Style

      Rug manufacturers, Rugs in Style, decided to promote the concept of 'Make in India' with their corporate gift. Engrave any picture and text on our wooden notebooks for bulk corporate orders!

      Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal for Rugs in Style - Woodgeek Store

      Custom Wood Journals with fearless Tagore quote for International Justice Mission

      It is only appropriate that a social organization like International Justice Mission (Kolkata Chapter) fighting for trafficked women and children engrave Tagore's 'Where the mind is without fear' on custom wood journals. Looking for uncommon corporate gifts, engrave the idea behind your brand on our customized wood journals along with your organization name.

      Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with Tagore quote for International Justice Mission - Where the mind is without fear - Woodgeek Store

      Customized dandelion notebook for Raymond-Uco Denim

      Raymond selected our dandelion art notebook as corporate gifts for their Spring-Summer conference. Create one-of-a-kind corporate gifts with a symbolic image along with your company name engraved on our wooden notebooks. Corporate Gifts for Raymond from Woodgeek Store

      Custom travel journals for Prefect Hydraulics

      Prefect Hydraulics selected our favourite travel quote notebook 'We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong' and engraved it with their company name.

      Corporate gifts - Custom engraved notebook for Prefect Hydraulics - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Customised Notebooks with company name and logo

      Woodgeek Store creates unique promotional gifts for clients with your company name and logo. Promote your brand with special notebooks made out of bamboo. We've made customized notebooks engraved with company name and logo for Threadsol, Torrent Traders & LinkedIn.

      Corporate Gifts - Threadsol, Linkedin, Torrent Traders - Personalised Notebooks - Woodgeek Store

      A corporate gift package for your special clients

      Corporate gifts don't have to dull and boring. Gift your clients a fun corporate gift package from Woodgeek Store - a custom made bamboo journal, a personalised iPhone case and customised wooden sunglasses or spectacle frames engraved with your company name and logo and your client's name. It is a gift they will truly appreciate and may be promote your brand in return.

      Corporate gift package - Personalised wooden gifts - Woodgeek Store

      Other than corporate gifts, we also take bulk orders for all occasions like weddings, school or college events, birthdays and more.

      Eco-friendly bamboo notebooks in bulk for Maharashtra government's Earth Day Conference

      The best gift for Earth Day? A bamboo journal. Vagabond Creations ordered our bamboo journals in bulk for an Earth Day Conference for the Maharashtra government engraved with the conference title.

      Corporate Gifts - Custom Earth Day Bamboo Notebooks - Woodgeek Store

      Personalised notebooks for IIT Kharagpur

      Bulk Order - Custom bamboo journals for IIT Kharagpur - Woodgeek Store

      Custom Bamboo Journals as Birthday Return Gifts for friends

      Return Gift for Birthdays - Custom wood friendship journal - Woodgeek Store

      The iPhone may be getting smarter with every model, but it is also getting thinner and lighter. Shield your iPhone with a personalized wooden phone case from Woodgeek Store. 

      Wooden iPhone case engraved with company logo and name

      We understand the mini heart attack you get every time you drop your very expensive iPhone. Iphones aren't indestructible like the Nokia 3310, so it is only advisable to invest in a good phone case that is more than just a fashion accessory. A wooden iPhone case gives you a better grip and saves your phone from slipping out of your hand.

      Personalized bamboo wood iPhone cases from Woodgeek Store

      The wooden phone cases from Woodgeek Store will not only give your iPhone maximum protection - the sides are made of soft rubberized polycarbonate material to protect it in case of a fall, but will also help your phone stand out in the sea of iPhones.

      Design your own wooden phone case with Woodgeek Store and personalize it with a photo, name, logo or a quote. You can also choose one of the pre-existing wooden phone cases from the website and personalize it with your name or initials.

      Design your own wooden iPhone case with Woodgeek Store


      Popular custom engraved photo iPhone wood cases

      We make the best personalised love gifts at the Woodgeek Store. Upload a picture with your loved one and we will engrave it for you on our wooden phone case. A custom engraved photo wood phone case is the most romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

      Wood engraved photo iPhone case - Woodgeek

      A wooden iPhone case engraved with a couple photo


      Engrave your family photo or a picture of your mother and father on a custom iPhone wood case. There is no better gift for the world's best dad and the world's best mom than a personalized wooden phone case.

      Personalised wooden iPhone case for dad - Woodgeek Store

      Customized wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

      Engrave your wooden iPhone case with a family photo


      A custom photo iPhone wood case engraved with a picture of you or your loved one. Add a personal touch to your wooden phone case by engraving a picture of you on it or gift your loved one a photo engraved customized wooden phone case.

      Personalized photo engraved wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

      A photo and name engraved iPhone case  - Woodgeek Store

      Buy wooden iPhone case with photo - Woodgeek Store

      Popular logo engraved personalized wooden iPhone cases

      A personalized iPhone wood case engraved with a company name and logo. This makes for great corporate gifts! For bulk orders, mail us at

      Logo engraved wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

      Personalised wooden iPhone case with company name & logo - Woodgeek Store

      Personalized wooden iPhone case with company name from Woodgeek Store


      Popular customized iPhone wood cases engraved with a name

      Personalized wooden iPhone case with name engraved from Woodgeek Store

      Popular custom engraved wooden iPhone cases engraved with a quote

      Customized wooden phone case with Game of Thrones quote - Woodgeek Store

      Once you are done uploading the image and text, you get to choose the type of wood for your phone case. After you've placed the order, our design team works on your design mock up. We email you the design mock up and when you approve, we engrave your product and ship it to you.

      Types of Wood

      Choose type of wood for wooden phonecase - Wodgeek Store


      Introducing super light, durable wooden eyeglasses handcrafted from dark walnut wood, birch wood and rosewood.

       Wooden Spectacle frames - Woodgeek Store

      We received so many queries for wooden spectacle frames in the past year that we have finally decided to launch them at the Woodgeek Store. Our all new wooden frames for prescription glasses are super light and durable. They are carved out of the finest dark walnut wood, birch wood and rosewood.

      The Minimalist - Customized wooden eyeglasses - square spectacles - Woodgeek Store

      Like all our other products, they can be personalized with a name, initials or any custom text on the temple of the spectacle and the bamboo box. The slim wooden frame of our optical lens eyeglasses is made from three layers to keep them thinner and durable.

      The Geek: Wooden Round Eyeglasses

      The Geek - wooden spectacles - round eyeglasses - Woodgeek Store

      The geeks are taking over the world in their favourite fashion accessory: the Geek glasses from Woodgeek Store. Up your fashion quotient with the Geek rosewood spectacle frames. The Geek wooden eyeglasses is our take on the old-fashioned round frames. Go geek chic in our new nerdy wooden glasses. The Geek rosewood spectacle frames is the perfect round geek glasses. These wooden eyeglasses in a reddish brown colour will appeal to the nerd in you. 

      These light weight wooden spectacles are carved out of the finest quality rosewood.

      The Entrepreneur: Wooden Rectangle Spectacle Frames

      The Entrepreneur - wooden rectangle spectacle frames - Woodgeek Store

      The Entrepreneur walnut wood spectacle frames is the perfect rectangular wooden eyeglasses for official and formal occasions. The right addition to power dressing, these eyeglasses are perfect for entrepreneurs, team leaders, managers, businessmen, businesswomen or any other professional. Complete the executive look with our entrepreneur wooden rectangle spectacle frames. Exude power and look smart and professional in these wooden glasses.

      These light weight wooden spectacles are carved out of the finest quality walnut wood.

      The Minimalist: Wooden Square Spectacles

      The Minimalist - Wooden spectacle frames - Square Glasses from Woodgeek Store


      The Minimalist wooden prescription glasses are for people who prefer minimalist designs to outlandish over-the-top ones. These wooden square spectacle has a basic frame that suits most face types. These super-light comfortable and sturdy wooden spectacle frames make the best everyday glasses. The Minimalist optical glasses are made from exotic walnut and birch.

      These light weight wooden spectacles are carved out of the finest quality walnut and birch.

      Songs of love and nature by Tagore in Bengali and poems on love and life from Mirza Ghalib, Ale Ahmad Suroor and Javed Akhtar engraved on wooden notebooks!


      Most Bengalis grow up with Rabindranath Tagore ingrained in them, reciting his poems or singing his famous Rabindra Sangeet. Rabindra Sangeet is an integral part of the Bengali culture even today, decades after they were written. Taking this Bengali love for Tagore into consideration, we have launched wooden notebooks engraved with extracts from his most famous songs.  These wooden journals comes with a wooden pen, which can both be customized with a name.

      Dariye Acho Tumi Amar Gaaner Opare

      Dariye Acho Tumi Amar Gaaner Opare - Rabindranath Tagore Wooden Notebook - Bengali Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Dariye aachho tumi aamar gaaner o pare,
      Amar surguli paay choron, ami pai ne tomare.

      Batash bohe mori mori, ar bendhe rekho na tori
      Esho esho paar hoye, mor hridoy maajhare.

      Tomar sathe ganer khela durer khela je,
      Bedonate banshi baajay shokol bela je.

      Kobe niye amar banshi bajabe go apni aashi
      Anondomoy nirob raater nibir andhare.

      Rabindranath Tagore describes the pain of love and distance in this song. He talks about being inspired to write a song for his lover even though she isn't beside him. He sings awaiting for her to accompany him in his song. There is a special kind of soul in the songs by Rabindranath Tagore. Impress your Tagore-obsessed parents or relatives with this wood journal engraved with Tagore's famous song in Bengali.

      Premer joware bhaasabe dohare

      Premer Joware - Rabindranath Tagore Bengali Notebook - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Premer joware bhaasabe dohare – Bnaadhon khule daao daao daao daao |
      Bhulibo bhaabona pichhone chaabona, Paal tule daao daao daao daao.

      This is a part of the lyrics of a love song written by Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore welcomes the tide of love in this Rabindra Sangeet. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. This Rabindra Sangeet asks you to plunge into love and let go of your fears. Don't look back, forget everything and surrender to the purity of love.

      Greet love with a bamboo wood notebook engraved with this romantic Rabindra Sangeet. Trying to romance a Bengali, may be this is where you should start. Gift him/her a wood notebook engraved with a love song by Tagore.

      Ekla Cholo Re

      Ekla Cholo Re - Rabindranath Tagore Rabindra sangeet - Wood Journal in bengali - Woodgeek Store

      Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla cholo re

      Ekla cholo, ekla cholo, ekla cholo re.

      'If they answer not to thy call, Walk alone.' This popular Rabindra Sangeet urges you to never quit and walk alone if need be, to continue your journey despite abandonment or lack of support from others. When they desert you in adversity, don't give up. Follow your heart and chase your dreams. Believe in yourself when no one else does. You are all you need. Keep yourself inspired with this wooden notebook engraved in Bengali with Rabindranath Tagore's popular song.

      Aamar raat pohalo shaarod prate

      Amar Raat Pohalo Sharod Prate - Rabindranath Tagore Wooden Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Aamar raat pohalo shaarod prate.
      Basi, tomaya die jabo kaharo haate.
      Tomaro buke bajlo dhoni
      Bidaygatha aagomoni kato je
      Phalgune srabone kato prabhate rate.
      Je katha raya pranero bhitoro agochare
      Gaane gaane niechile churi kore.
      Samayo je taar halo gato
      Nisiseser taarar mato
      Ses kore dao siuliphuler maron sathe.

      A very essential part of Tagore's collection of songs, Gitabitan, are his Songs of Nature. Rabindra Sangeet is deeply rooted in Nature as most of Tagore's songs mention the beauty of every season. He uses the inherent characteristics of the six seasons to describe the myriad human emotions and moods. This song is a farewell to Sharod (Autumn). If you are a Tagore fan or know a Tagore fan, this wooden notebook is for you!

      Purano Shei Diner Kotha

      Purano sei diner katha bhulbi kire haay | O seichhokher dekha, praner katha, se ki bhola jaay |

      This Tagore song is about nostalgia and days gone by. He sings about the unforgettable memories made with friends - the glimpse of each other, spirited chatting. Celebrate the good old days with this wood journal.

      Feelings and emotions are best expressed in a language as beautiful and eloquent as Urdu. So at the Woodgeek Store, we've decided to help you express your love with the best Urdu shayaris from Mirza Ghalib, Ale Ahmad Suroor and Javed Akhtar engraved on our wooden notebooks. These wooden notebooks comes with a wooden pen, which can both be customized with a name.

      Haathon ki lakeeron pay mat ja ae ghali

      Haathon Ki Lakeeron Pe Mat Ja Ae Galib - Mirza Ghalib Shayari Wooden Notebook - Hindi Customized Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Haathon ki lakeeron pay mat ja ae ghalib,

      Naseeb unke bhi hote hain jinkey haath nahi hote.

       Engrave your wooden notebook with one of Mirza Ghalib's most famous shayaris. It literally translates to 'Don’t go by the lines on the palm of your hand Ghalib, luck is bestowed even on those who don’t have hands.' We make our own destiny. The future is not written in the creases of our palms. It is ours to create. This Mirza Ghalib bamboo wood notebook is perfect for those who want to take the future into their own hands.

      Humne jee bhar ke dekh liya unko

      Unko Uljha Ke Sawalo Me - Love Urdu Shayari - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Unko uljha ke kuch sawalo me,

      Humne jee bhar ke dekh liya unko.

       Love is magical. It makes us do crazy things just for a glimpse of that special person even if it involves confusing them in a web of unnecessary questions to look at their face for five more minutes. Perfect personalized love journal for a crazy-in-love lover.

      Hum Jiske Ho Gae

      Hum jiske ho gae - hindi wood notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Hum jis ke ho gae woh hamara na ho saka

      Yun bhi hua hisab barabar kabhi kabhi

      This wood journal engraved with a line from Ale Ahmad Suroor's Jisne kiye hai phul nichhawar kabhi kabhi talks about balance in life. Sometimes we fall in love with people who cannot love us back and sometimes they love people who do not reciprocate their feelings. It is the law of the universe to balance everything out. Love is the highest form of energy. It cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another.

      Insaan mohabbat mein, insaan nahi rehta

      Insaan mohabbat me insaan nahi rehta - Urdu Love Shayari - wood journal - Woodgeek Store

      Kuch hosh nahi rehta,
      Kuch dhyaan nahi rehta,
      Insaan mohabbat mein,
      insaan nahi rehta.

       Love is all-consuming. It has the power to change us completely, so intense is this beautiful feeling. It feels like flying, so lovely, and at the same time, so dire, so extreme, so unlikely. You lose awareness of your surroundings. Nothing and no one matters more than this special person. Love becomes God and heaven exists in your lover. Love changes us to the point of no recognition. This wood journal engraved with this Hindi love quote from the movie Sarfarosh is perfect for all those couples crazy in love.

      Kyun dare zindagi me kya hoga

      Kyun dare zindagi me - Urdu Shayari wooden notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Kyun dare zindagi me kya hoga,

      Kuch na hoga toh tazruba hoga.

      Be fearless. Be bold. Nothing in life goes in vain. Every moment is an experience gained. You gain strength, courage and confidence every time you overcome your fear. Get this wooden notebook engraved with Javed Akhtar's inspiring lyrics to remind you to never fear in life. If nothing else, you gain experience.

      Ek itvaar hi hai

      Ek Itvaar - Hindi Shayari Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

      Ek itvaar hi hai jo rishto ko sambhalta hai,

      Baaki din to kishto ko samhalne me kharch ho jaate hai

       We get so bogged down by the drudgery of everyday life that we do not find the time to nurture the relationships that mean the most to us. We get carried away with our own idea of success and happiness and forget what matters the most are our relationships. We work hard to make life more comfortable and stress all week about work. But we're not robots; everybody needs a breather to recharge and to relax. That is what Sundays are for. It is the day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings, to take a deep breath and enjoy your family and friends. A well-spent Sunday with loved ones will give a week on contentment. Know somebody that needs reminding of this simple thought? Gift them our bamboo notebook engraved with this beautiful shayari.

       Mooche ho toh Nathulal jaisi

      Mooch Nathulal - Hindi Amitabh Bachchan Quote - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Mooche ho toh Nathulal jaisi

      Amitabh Bacchan made Nathulal and his big fat mustache a star with this dialogue in Sharabi. Are you sporting a mustache or know somebody with a mooch as big as Nathulal's? Then this wooden journal engraved with Bacchan's humorous dialogue is just the thing to buy! 

      Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah

      Gayatri Mantra - Om Bhuv Bhuva Swaha - Religious Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah Tat Savitur Vareniyam

      Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

      Gayatri Mantra is a universal prayer enshrined in the Rigveda (Mandala 3.62.10). It is a prayer to the Sun Deity. In the mantra, the Divine (Sun deity) is praised, and then meditated upon in reverence and finally an appeal is made to awaken and strengthen the intellect, the discriminating faculty of man, as the Sun enlightens all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). The Gayatri is considered the essence of the Vedas. She bestows pure thoughts on anyone who worships Her. She is the embodiment of all Goddesses. Mother Gayatri nourishes and protects every being and channelizes our senses in the proper direction. Thus, Gayatri Mantra is a complete prayer for protection, nourishment and finally, liberation.

      A police officer hunting down the most viscous traffickers to a woman in the timber business breaking the myth that women and woodworking don't get along to a human rights lawyer fighting cases in a new language, running around court rooms, police stations and village interiors for trafficked women and children - this International Women's Day we are celebrating the theme 'Be Bold for Change' at the Woodgeek Store.


      Sarbari Bhattacharya, CID Officer-in-Chief, Anti Human Trafficking Unit


      Sarbari Bhattacharya - Woman Police Officer - Celebrating the spirit of woman - Woodgeek Store

       A 23 year old Sarbari joined police training as the only girl in a batch of 220 men. That was the first of the many firsts she was to experience in the future. After her training, when she was posted as a sub-inspector, she thought the worst of her struggle was over. But it had only begun. Sarbari's colleagues and seniors were not ready to accept that a young lady sub inspector would wear the same uniform as them and work alongside them in a prominent police station in West Bengal. So they did the only thing they could do: resist.

      Sarbari Bhattacharya - Woman Police Officer - Celebrating the spirit of woman - Woodgeek Store

      Despite all the humiliation, Sarbari was relentless. She forced them to give her work and train her as an investigating officer. She struggled her way through to be accepted as a competent police officer.

      Today Sarbari Bhattacharya is the officer-in-chief of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit of the CID, West Bengal. She says that there is a lot of disappointment and backlash in her job.

      Sarbari Bhattacharya - Woman Police Officer - Celebrating the spirit of woman - Woodgeek Store

      Most of the rescued girls are so habituated in the life they have, they don’t want to return to their previous lives.

      "The rescued women don't want to come back and be earmarked a prostitute but I have to bring them back. Sometimes the parents don’t want the girls back after hearing that they were forced into prostitution. These girls are then sent to shelter homes but the shame of prostitution follows them. Being a woman, I can relate to the stigmatization they face," says Sarbari.

      In cases that Sarbari and her team manage to make arrests, most of them get off on bail. Most cases take years to start and when they do, either the girl is re-trafficked or the parents secretly marry her off or she commits suicide. Despite these hurdles, Sarbari is taking her team forward.

      "We face so much backlash that when we do move forward, we’re unstoppable. The more you pull an arrow back, the more force it hits with. We have rescued over 200 victims. It is our duty to serve the country despite the criticism and disappointments. You have to be passionate about the job to survive in it," says Sarbari.

      Sarbari is of the opinion that that girls between the age of 16 to 20 must be taught the difference between sex and compulsion sex because these girls leave their houses thinking they’re going into a better life, but they don’t know what it is like to attend to 35 customers a day for Rs 200 every 10 minutes.She does not believe that girls get trafficked due to poverty or lack of education.

      Sarbari Bhattacharya - Woman Police Officer - Celebrating the spirit of woman - Woodgeek Store

      "Some of the girls are molested by family members from a very young age and when they try to speak up, they are quieted by the family itself. So at the age of 16, they don’t understand the purity of sex. They detach from their family and look for a better life elsewhere," says Sarbari.

       The situation is very different from what Sarbari had to face in 1989. Law has made it a lot easier for women today. There are women police stations now. A male officer cannot enter a room without a female police during raids. No male police officer can question a female victim in the absence of a female colleague.

      Women like Sarbari make their own rules and fight for their rights. They're the game changers in society and as history has shown us, it is these women who make history. Know somebody as fearless as Sarbari, this engraved bamboo wood journal is for all those women challenging this notion everyday.

      Well behaved women - Personalized bamboo wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store


      Mithu Sharma Roy, Businesswoman at Elegant Interiors,
      a furniture manufacturing unit

      Women in woodworking- Celebrating the spirit of women this women's day - woodgeek-store

      Mithu is the only woman contractor enlisted with the West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation in over 80 contractors. She took over her father's furniture business not out of will but circumstances. She loved watching the woodworking at her father's workshop at their home.

      "I have a knack to learn things and I enjoyed looking at furniture being made at the workshop. But never in my wildest dreams had I thought of becoming a contractor. My father wanted me to have a government job so I was even preparing for competitive exams," says Mithu.

      Mithu started handling the sales and marketing of their business when it became too much for her father to handle. She went to the office of  the West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation all alone and figured her way out. Her father looked after the workshop and purchasing of raw materials. A few months later, Mithu's father had a cerebral attack and passed away suddenly.

      Women in woodworking- Celebrating the spirit of women this women's day - woodgeek-store

      "Being the oldest in the family and the only one associated with the business, responsibilities fell on me. I was clueless about production. I did look at work being done at the workshop but never looked at the technicalities of the work. I didn’t know where my father bought wood from and to top it all, we faced financial difficulties too," says Mithu.

      Mithu's ancestral house was mortgaged and she had to pay a huge amount to the bank. Being a student, Mithu had no other way to repay the money than business. Her three siblings were studying and her mother and aunt were ill. She started going to work early in the morning, ate the tiffin her mother sent for her through her brother and went off to give tuition the rest of the day.

      "I was working two jobs - handling the business and giving tuition. We needed all the money I could make," says Mithu.

      She learnt about the sections of wood and asked questions to as many people she could because she had no one to rely on and did not want to get fooled by anyone.

      <img src="//" alt="Women in woodworking- Celebrating the spirit of women this women's day - woodgeek-store" />

      Mithu's Elegant Interiors mostly dealt in office furniture when her father looked after the business. But Mithu expanded the business to private work too. People who liked the work she did for the government departments gave her personal orders. Slowly but surely, she also built a local foundation.

      It is very rare to find a woman contractor even though there are many contractors who have companies registered in their wive's names. But Mithu never faced any discrimination for being the only woman contractor with the WBSIDC.

      Women in woodworking- Celebrating the spirit of women this women's day - woodgeek-store

      "Only a year after my father passed away, I worked with the Behala Archeological Museum. I made the display for the artifacts. I even worked on the chamber of former Minister for Micro and Small Scale Enterprises and Textile, Swapan Debnath," says Mithu.

      Ask her about her biggest achievement and she replies proudly:

      <img src="//" alt="Women in woodworking- Celebrating the spirit of women this women's day - woodgeek-store" />

      Women are named after hurricanes because of strong women like Mithu. She chased after the worst of storms instead of turning away from them and emerged stronger. This personalized bamboo wood journal is the best Women's Day gift for women who have stood tall in the face of adversity.

      There is a reason hurricanes are named after women bamboo wood notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Marie Riba, Human Rights Lawyer for Trafficked Women and Children


      Marie studied law to become a litigation lawyer. She knew her strength lied in fighting cases in the court room. 

      "For a first generation lawyer, things don't come easy especially if you're a woman in a male dominated profession. I was pushed into corporate law because people think it is better suited for women - no late hours and no running around to get your job done. But I didn't want a desk job."

      Marie moved to Kolkata to work as a litigation lawyer for trafficked women and children. She liked the idea of helping young girls and children and assisting the police in rescuing them from prostitution.

      Little did Marie know that she would have to fight cases in an unknown language at the lower courts.

      Woman Lawyer fighting for trafficked women - Celebrating the spirit of women this Women's Day - Woodgeek Store

      "Having someone translate what the victim was saying also took away from the personal bond that I could create with her. I had to learn Bengali to work effectively so I took a one year crash course in Bengali. I encouraged people to talk to me in Bengali," says Marie.

      Marie provides legal counselling to trafficked women and children. She helps the rescued women build their confidence because most of them are so shaken up.

      Woman Lawyer fighting for trafficked women - Celebrating the spirit of women this Women's Day - Woodgeek Store"I believe that if you cannot fight for yourself, you will always be picked on and exploited. These women will have to be restored into their normal environment and they will have to stand up to the stigma against them. They have to understand that whatever happened to them wasn't their fault," says Marie.

      Marie is considered an aggressive lawyer. She will go to any lengths for her clients even if that involves going to the interiors of Bengal and meeting the client's family to educate them on their legal rights. When the victim's family is threatened by the accused, she takes them to the police station, helps them lodge a complaint and submits took a copy of the complaint to the High Court saying that the accused persons are tampering with the case.

      Human Rights Lawyer fighting trafficking - Celebrating the spirit of women this women's day - woodgeek-store

      In one of her most memorable cases, she got the High Court to rule against a lower court for not providing compensation to a victim after two years. The lower court had convicted the accused but had not passed a judgement on Marie's petition for compensation for the victim who was forced into prostitution and had a baby out of it. So she filed a compensation petition at the High Court and after 2 years, the High Court decided against the lower court.

       Women like Marie can be ferocious, powerful and strong when it comes to fighting for themselves and their kind. This Women's Day, gift this personalized bamboo wood journal to someone who is more than her size.She is fierce - Personalized bamboo wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store


      Win Woodgeek Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Woodgeek Contest

      If you don't already own a pair of Woodgeek sunglasses, it's time to beg, borrow or buy it because we're giving you a chance to win a pair of free Woodgeek wooden sunglasses personalized to your liking. All you have to do is upload your happiest picture in Woodgeek wooden sunglasses.  Follow the rules below:

      Shades Of Happiness Sunglasses Contest

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      Customized and Engraved Wooden Sunglasses

      Every pair of Woodgeek custom wood sunglasses can be personalized to your liking. Engrave a short text with a character limit of 15 on the temple of the sunglasses or engrave a special message or quote on the bamboo sunglasses case. 

      At the Woodgeek Store, we provide you good quality sunglasses with polarized lenses in different types of woods. Our personalized wood frame sunglasses is made from bamboo wood, rosewood, walnut wood and berch wood. The uniqueness of our wood polarized sunglasses lie not just in its customization, but in the wood frame sunglasses itself as wood grain patterns differ in every product. Our custom wood sunglasses come in a high quality bamboo wood sunglasses box and jute pouch.

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      The Journeyman Wooden Sunglasses

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      "Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

       Woman's Day - Malala wall Art - Woodgeek Store

      From being confined to the four walls of a house to going on space missions and leading Fortune 500 companies, women have fought patriarchy to find their place in society today. Celebrate this journey with the women in your life everyday by letting them be who they want, respecting their decisions and supporting and encouraging them. Appreciate the various roles they play - the homemaker who makes a home out of a house and keeps everything in order so you can concentrate on your work, the ambitious woman working hard to reach the top level management, the single mother who finds the strength to bring up her children alone while fighting societal pressures or the working woman who balances work and home with an ease only known to women.

      Women have come a long way since the first time Women's Day was celebrated, but it is a long way to equal rights. This International Women's Day surprise your mother, wife, girlfriend, friend or colleague with something more than a flower like a custom engraved wooden gift - bamboo wood journals with engraved pens, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and wooden prescription glasses. After all, gifts for women who inspire us everyday are meant to be thoughtful. 

      Wooden Gifts for Women on Women's Day

      Not all girls are made of sugar & spice and all things nice

      Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice- Personalized bamboo wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store

      Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice- Personalized wood phone case for women - Woodgeek Store

      We all know that one girl who defies the stereotypical image of a girl, who is not all  sugar and spice and everything nice. People call her a 'tomboy' but she is just a girl who does not conform to gender expectations. She enjoys adventures over retail therapy and beer over vodka. She is fearless. She is a go-getter. She has beauty and brains. This is for that friend, girlfriend or colleague who stands out rather than fitting in. Take your pick. Gift her a personalized bamboo wood journal & pen or wooden phone case with a custom text or her name engraved on it this Women's Day.


      A woman who carries storms and words beneath her skin


      There is a reason hurricanes are named after women bamboo wood notebook - Woodgeek Store

      Not all women choose to sit still and pretty. There is a reason why women are named after hurricanes. Some are like hurricanes and there is beauty in every storm. Some women chase after the worst of storms instead of turning away from them and emerge stronger. This personalized bamboo wood journal is the best Women's Day gift for women who have stood tall in the face of adversity.


      Well-behaved women rarely make history


      Well behaved women - Personalized bamboo wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store

      Well behaved women - Personalized Wooden Phone Case for Women - Woodgeek Store

      Women are always being told how to behave. 'Sit like a lady. Be a good girl. Cover your modesty.' The society has a very generic idea of what a well-behaved woman should be. This engraved bamboo wood journal and customized wooden iPhone case is for all those women challenging this notion everyday. What better gift than this on Women's Day? These women make their own rules and fight for their rights. They're the game changers in society and as history has shown us, it is these women who make history.


      Some women are lost in the fire while some are built from it


      Some women are lost in the fire - Personalized Bamboo Wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store

      Some women are lost in the fire - Personalized Wooden phone case for women - Woodgeek Store

      This quote celebrates the indomitable spirit of all the strong independent women. Strength is not just physical but mental too and some women show us everyday what real strength and courage is. The courage of women is tested everyday in the small sacrifices they have to make to put the needs and happiness of their families ahead of them. It is tested at every step of their professional careers while fighting sexism and prejudice. While some are overwhelmed, others show grace in difficult situations and come out stronger. They are moulded by the trials they face. Know a woman with an unbreakable spirit, a personalized wooden journal or a customized wooden iPhone case could be the best Women's Day gift.


      She acts like summer and walks like rain


      She walks like summer - Personalized bamboo wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store

      This line is a part of the lyrics of a song 'Drops of Jupiter' by the band Train. This is for the woman who is like the warmth of summer and the beauty of rain. She can embody both summer and rain in her. She is as warm and bright as the sun and as rhythmic and dynamic as the rain. Some women wear different hats so effortlessly. This is a personalized wooden journal for her.


      And though she be but little, she is fierce


      She is fierce - Personalized bamboo wood notebook for women - Woodgeek Store

      This is one of our favourite quotes of William Shakespeare from his play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Do not judge a woman by her size. She may be short and petite, but she could still be ferocious, powerful and strong. Like they say, all good things come in small packages. This Women's Day, gift this personalized bamboo wood journal to someone who is more than her size.


      Books for the mind, heels for the feet and travel tales for the soul


      Personalized wooden notebooks for women - Woodgeek Store

      Books for the mind, Heels for the feet and travel for the soul - Peronalized wooden phone cases for women - Woodgeek Store

      People like to compartmentalize women to suit their needs - overambitious, bimbo, beauty without brains and it goes on. But who said a woman who enjoys reading cannot enjoy travelling as much or strutting around in heels? This Woman's Day, give this custom engraved wooden journal or personalized wooden iPhone case to the woman who loves her books as much as her heels and travelling.

      Personalized Wooden Greeting Cards - Woodgeek Store

      "They do not love who do not show their love.

      The course of true love never did run smooth.

      Love is a familiar. Love is a devil.

      Love is no evil angel but Love."

      -William Shakespeare

      Our Valentine's Week Contest: Tell us your Love Story was a huge success and we received many responsesSome stories took us down memory lane to our first love while some seemed right out of a movie and some were funny and quirky. We've chosen our favorite four stories from the many entries and they won our exclusive personalized wooden cards. We're also featuring these stories here. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

      Woodgeek plays Cupid

      Personalized wooden cards from Woodgeek Store

      Opposites attract and likes repel. This theory may hold true for magnets, but it is not foolproof in case of romantic relationships or at least that is what this love story has shows us.  In love, people begin to the same rhythm like Sanjana and Tanmay. Theirs is an office love story and we play a small part in it!

      "Tanmay and I shared a cab since we worked in the same office. Tanmay, being a music lover, used to play songs for me in the cab. That got us talking and we soon realized how compatible we were. We have similar pasts and interests so much so that we both ended up surprising each other with a Woodgeek customized wooden notebook recently. It is almost like we are replicas of each other!   This Valentine's Day, I ordered a beautiful customized wooden notebook from Woodgeek Store with a picture of us engraved on it. But the next day I received a call informing me that I have a parcel from Woodgeek Store. I thought that I had given my address instead of Tanmay's. I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised to see that Tanmay had also gifted me a customized wooden notebook from Woodgeek Store, only with a different picture. When Tanmay received his Wooodgeek notebook later, he was as surprised as I was.

      This incident and Woodgeek Store will always be very special to us."

      A Swacch Bharat Love

      Personalized Wooden cards from Woodgeek Store

      You know how they say if two people are meant to be, they find their way to each other? We didn't think that was true until we read Vaishnavi's serendipitous love story. Vaishnavi wouldn't have found her husband had India been a clean country. This love story goes from discussing brooms and paints to marrying each other!

      "My husband was in Bangalore helping a citizen-led group, The Ugly Indian, reclaim public spaces. I was fascinated with their work and so I volunteered to do the same in Mumbai. He was the contact person for the volunteers in Bombay. Our phone conversations in the beginning were limited to how many brooms to buy or what kind of paint to use. While I was in Bangalore for work, I joined them on a massive clean up. That was the first time we met. We met regularly after that and I even extended my stay. Eight months later, I moved to Bangalore and a year later, we got married. We continue to do clean ups, waste management and other community stuff along with our work. So if India was garbage free, we probably wouldn't have met!"


      A teenager in love!

      Personalized Wooden cards from Woodgeek Store

      Love often catches us off guard. It could be sitting right in front of you in the form of your best friend and you wouldn't see it. Goutham was that friend to Krishnapriya. He was always there for her and even heard her talk about all the boys interested in her at school. Goutham's love story is as sweet and innocent as every high school love story is meant to be. It will leave you nostalgic about your first love.

      "We've known each other since school. I was given the responsibility of collecting her personal information for the school database when she joined school in 11th grade. We ended up as best friends. During one vacation, she visited Goa with her family. Since it was a sudden plan, she couldn't inform any of her friends. I was worried sick and missed her so much. I realized I was in love with my best friend. When she returned, I mustered the courage to tell her about my feelings while the teacher was going on about geometry. I told her to think about it and let me know after class. I know all this seems too much coming from a high school kid, but hey I was in love. She turned me down. But I didn't let that affect our friendship.

      A year later, on the same day that I had asked her out, she sent me a text asking me if I still wanted to be with someone as crazy as her after knowing her inside out. She told me that even after a year, she hadn't seen me with another girl nor had I treated her differently for rejecting me. I didn't think she had noticed all of that. Obviously I said yes! We've been together for 3 years now. I'll be moving to Sweden next year and I'll miss her so much."


      Valentine's Day for Singles

      Wooden greeting cards on love - Woodgeek Store

      Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day when people celebrate love and love does not only mean romantic love. Shafia talks about loving yourself first and appreciating the little things in life. After all, the most important kind of love is self love and if you cannot find a way to love yourself first, no other form of love will ever be enough for you! No one can love you better than yourself.

      "We are so busy waiting to be loved and held that we end up magnifying our flaws and forgetting that we could love ourselves. There is a certain joy in spending time with yourself: long walks in comfortable shoes, hands deep in pocket and a mind full of thoughts or eating an entire bar of chocolate without feeling the guilt of not sharing it with someone or taking a long warm bath and laying down on freshly laundered bed sheet. Have you ever looked into a mirror and paid yourself a compliment? When was the last time you loved yourself?

      For me, I do not need a special day to love myself. I love two things: to write and drink tea. I do that every day and pat myself whenever either the tea or the writing is good. And till I find my right one, and if there is anything called the right one, I plan to sing at the top of my voice (and that is so much fun):is surprised that a narcissistic generation given to selfie-clicking does not celebrate self-love. 

      I need a hero

      I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night

      He's gotta be strong

      And he's gotta be fast

      And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

      I need a hero I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light

      He's gotta be sure

      And it's gotta be soon

      And he's gotta be larger than life."


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