The art of writing a journal - Woodgeek Store

If Anne Frank hadn't recorded her days in the pages of a diary, we may never have known the truth about concentration camps. Che Guevara wouldn't have inspired millions of people to go on a soul-searching road trip if he hadn't kept a travel journal, which was later published as a book The Motorcycle Diaries and even made into a movie. So why should you keep a diary and if you do, is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

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Customers in Woodgeek custom wooden prescription glasses - Woodgeek Store

Four eyes, Specy, Chasmish. If you wore glasses growing up, you were probably called one of these. Eyeglasses were for the dorky nerds, the ones you made fun of in school. Who would've thought ten years later, the nerds would start a fashion trend. It's time to ditch those contact lenses and join the fashion bandwagon in sporting this cool new fashion accessory. But don't follow a trend, create a statement with wood frame eyeglasses from Woodgeek Store.

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personalised Photo Gifts - Customised Bamboo Journal with Photo Engraving - Woodgeek Store
Engrave special life moments on wood. Who says memories don't last forever?

Most of our lives today are recorded in photographs - the big proposal, the perfect wedding, even small everyday moments. Carve these special moments on wood to make your memories last a lifetime. After all, a printed photograph or even digital ones don't last forever.

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Personalised Wooden Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

Finding the right sunglasses to suit your face shape is difficult. You could love the sunglasses your friend is wearing, but it may not look as good on you. At the Woodgeek Store, we've come up with a guide to help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape.

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Personalised bamboo sunglasses - Polarised sunglasses - Round sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

Our Shades of Happiness contest has finally ended. We received so many entries from you but we have finally narrowed down to our favourite three.

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Oh! The places you'll go - Wood Travel & Adventure Journal - Woodgeek Store

Planning your first solo trip, taking a sabbatical to see the world or travelling with friends and family - the one thing you need to carry with you on your travels is a travel journal and your passport, of course. Travelling lets you experience new cultures, sights, smells, people and gives you time to reflect on life. No matter where you decide to travel, these beautiful memories need to be documented.

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Personalized bamboo wood notebook with picture and text on Woodgeek Store

Men are the worst gift-givers, especially when it comes to their girlfriends and wives. Whether trying to make up after a fight or just expressing love for her, skip the flowers and chocolates if you don't want them hurled back at you. At the Woodgeek Store, we help you create the perfect personalised gift for your girlfriend. After all, the gift has to be as special as the person.

Here is how you can score brownie points with romantic wooden personalized gifts for her.

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Personalised Gifts for him - Woodgeek Store

Finding the perfect romantic gift for your boyfriend or husband in this age of mass-produced goods can be a Herculean task. Gifts for that special someone should be thoughtful and custom made for him. We play Cupid at the Woodgeek Store and help you create the best engraved gifts for him.

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Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with name engraving - Woodgeek Store

Calendars, pen drives, paperweights with a company logo - corporate gifts like these are forgotten the minute you give them to your client. They either end up collecting dust somewhere or in the trash. A drab and generic corporate gift will never promote your brand well.

Stand out in the rut of boring corporate gifting with unique corporate gifts from the Woodgeek Store - bamboo notebooks, wooden iPhone cases and wooden sunglasses and spectacle frames.

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Personalized iPhone case, customized wooden iphone case

We know you love your iPhone. So we've made a list of the best iPhone accessories for you.

We understand the mini heart attack you get every time you drop your very expensive iPhone. Iphones aren't indestructible like the Nokia 3310, so it is only advisable to invest in a good phone case that is more than just a fashion accessory. A wooden iPhone case gives you a better grip and saves your phone from slipping out of your hand.

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