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Wooden Notebooks & Journals

Personalized bamboo notebooks


Personalised wooden notebooks and pens. Wooden journals with bamboo hardcover, crafted with precision and engraved with your favourite quote, picture or anything you can imagine. A notebook for big ideas, creative doodling or as a personalised gift for a loved one.


Custom engraved wooden eyewear


Wooden eyewear inspired by nature. Wooden sunglasses and wooden spectacles handcrafted from bamboo, rosewood and walnut. Our bamboo and wood sunglasses are equipped with polarised UV lenses. Wooden prescription frames are Rx-able. These are wooden eyeglasses re-imagined using sustainable natural materials making them light, eco-friendly and oh so cool! 


Custom engraved wooden phone cases


Personalised wooden phone cases for iPhone and Samsung. Choose from the simple elegance of bamboo, walnut or rosewood, and engrave your own text or image. Add a layer of protection and natural style to your smartphone.

Wooden Bow Ties

Classic wooden bow ties for the cool hipster look



Wood Bow Ties: Wedding Bow Ties For The Best Man & Groomsmen

June 20, 2017

Wedding Bow Ties - Bow Ties for Groom & Groomsmen - Wooden Bow Ties - Woodgeek StoreYou're the chosen one, the one responsible for saving the wedding day if things go wrong. You will calm the groom's pre-wedding jitters and stand beside him while he takes his marriage vows. You will do all of this and more while making sure you and the groomsmen look effortlessly dapper. The best man and his entourage of groomsmen are the most important members of a wedding party and should look, well, their best.

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It's Father's Day! Surprise Daddy Dearest With These Cool Gifts!

June 10, 2017

Father's Day Gifts - Father's day Personalized Gifts - Woodgeek Store

He's the cooler parent, the one who let you make mistakes, stay out past curfew hours sometimes and gave you extra pocket money. He saved you from mom's anger when you did something wrong but also instilled values in you that made you the person you are today. What do you gift a man who has given you everything? This Father's Day, celebrate this camaraderie with a special gift. Read More
New Launch: Vintage Inspired Wooden Bow Ties For A Dapper Look

June 07, 2017

Wooden Bow Ties - Woodgeek StoreBow ties are cool but wooden bow ties are cooler!  You've probably looked at James Bond, Bill Nye, Matt Smith and wanted to look as dapper as them in a bow tie. But tying the perfect bow isn't for everybody and the many rules of when and how to wear a bow tie can be intimidating. Fret not! Woodgeek Store has taken the seriousness out of the traditional bow tie and recreated it in wood. 


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Polarized Wood Sunglasses: More Than A Fashion Accessory

May 31, 2017

The hottest months of the year are upon us and while some are enjoying the sunny skies, rising temperatures and beach holidays, others are escaping to the mountains and some are struggling to get by in the scorching summer heat. No matter how you're spending the summer, the one accessory you cannot step out without this season is polarized sunglasses.

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