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Wooden Notebooks & Journals

Personalized bamboo notebooks


A personal notebook. Bamboo hard cover notebooks crafted with precision and engraved with your name, your favourite quote or anything you can imagine. A notebook for big ideas, creative doodling or as a personalised gift for a loved one.


Custom engraved wooden eyewear


Sunglasses handcrafted from pure bamboo and equipped with polarised UV lenses. These are sunglasses re-imagined using sustainable natural materials making them light, eco-friendly and oh so cool!


Custom engraved wooden phone cases


A selection of wooden phone cases from the simple elegance of bamboo, walnut and rosewood, the contrasting textures of wooden inlays and the intricate patterns engraved on wood. Add a layer of protection and natural style to your smartphone.


Wooden bow ties: Your favourite accessory just got a fashionable upgrade

May 23, 2017

Wooden Bow tie made of walnut wood customized with initials or any other text - Woodgeek Store

What does wood remind you of? The furniture in your house, the pages in your notebook and/or construction material? Wood has been looked at as a building material from time immemorial. At the Woodgeek Store, we're continuously trying to challenge this notion and create unique cool things out of wood.

We've made quirky yet simple wooden sunglasses and spectacles, wood phone cases and bamboo wood notebooks and now we are soon introducing the coolest wooden bow ties!

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Nothing Will Make Your Mom Happier Than This On Mother's Day!

May 03, 2017

Mother's Day Gifts - Surprise your mother with breakfast and personalized wooden notebook - Woodgeek Store

We grow up not wanting to leave her side to resenting her rules and advice to realizing that mothers are always right. But she loves you the same when you cling on to her as a child, when you go against everything she says as a teenager and when you finally understand her love. Mothers are our one constant love in this world. So this Mother's Day, gift her your time. Give her a personalized gift that will put a smile on her face. We help you plan a special day for your mother.

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The Art Of Writing A Journal In The Digital Age

April 26, 2017

The art of writing a journal - Woodgeek Store

If Anne Frank hadn't recorded her days in the pages of a diary, we may never have known the truth about concentration camps. Che Guevara wouldn't have inspired millions of people to go on a soul-searching road trip if he hadn't kept a travel journal, which was later published as a book The Motorcycle Diaries and even made into a movie. So why should you keep a diary and if you do, is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

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These Cool Wooden Eyeglasses Were Trending At Lakme Fashion Week This Year

April 17, 2017

Customers in Woodgeek custom wooden prescription glasses - Woodgeek Store

Four eyes, Specy, Chasmish. If you wore glasses growing up, you were probably called one of these. Eyeglasses were for the dorky nerds, the ones you made fun of in school. Who would've thought ten years later, the nerds would start a fashion trend. It's time to ditch those contact lenses and join the fashion bandwagon in sporting this cool new fashion accessory. But don't follow a trend, create a statement with wood frame eyeglasses from Woodgeek Store.

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