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Food holds different meanings for different people. There are some that will travel to a new place just to try the local cuisine and there are those who will eat everything, and I mean everything edible or not, at least once in their life. We all have that one friend who won't let you touch the food no matter how hungry you are without taking a photo for Instagram and then there are those who live on salads. Some spend their entire salary on food, while some love concocting dishes at home.

Foodies are everywhere, and it would be unfair to flock them all under the same category. Ours is the age of rather peculiar foodies with unique food personalities.

So let us introduce you to the 9 types of foodies you definitely know. How many you can spot in your own circle?

9 Types Of Foodies You Definitely Know

1. The Food Connoisseur

Food can be expressive and therefore food can be art - Grant Achatz

Here's a foodie who believes food is an experience - from picking out the best ingredients to cooking and presenting it beautifully and finally eating it. They truly believe food is a form of art and take food decoration very seriously. They can transform even the most ordinary meal into an unforgettable experience with their creative food presentation. This foodie is a true connoisseur of food. They savour each bite of their food and are always ready to give you their expert opinion on it.

The Food Connoisseur would love a unique wooden serving tray and platter to up their food presentation game!

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2. The Bottomless Pit

This foodie will make you wonder if they have a bottomless pit for a stomach.  True believers in the line: 'Life is too short and food too good to ever waste time not eating', these foodies will surprise you with their capacity to eat! They may forget to carry their phone or key, but they never forget to carry a snack with them. The Bottomless Pit foodie is that friend who always gets his/her money's worth in buffets chowing down unlimited meats, seafood, pasta, desserts and more.

This Bottomless Pit Foodie friend, sister or colleague deserves a Biggest Foodie Wooden Award Certificate!

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3. The 'Hunger Devil Strikes At Midnight' Foodie

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This foodie is a victim of midnight snaccidents! As the clock strikes 12, they tiptoe to the fridge to satiate their midnight cravings. By the glow of the fridge, they snack on anything that’s available - ice cream, cheese, chocolate, leftover pizza, you name it. Anything noisy, like crisps, is a no-go for this midnight snacker . Wouldn’t want to wake the rest of the house or worse still, share their midnight loot. 

Even in the darkness of the night, these foodies find their way into the kitchen. They're like the rats in Pied Piper of Hamelin. 

If you happen to be a midnight snacker or know someone who loves gorging on food at midnight, this 'Not All Those Who Wander Into The Kitchen At Midnight Are Lost' wooden wall sign is perfect for you! 

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4. The Food-Over-Everything Foodie

The foodies under this category unabashedly choose food over everything and everybody. Food is their caste, creed, and religion. They talk about their food in such an intimate way that it makes you wonder whether they have any real intimacy in their life. Their motto is ‘All hail food. Food is divine. Food is God’. You can tell they are not lying when they swear on their food. You will always find them appreciating the art of cooking and eating anything and everything without any qualms!

 As George Bernard Shaw said, "There is no sincerer love than the love of food." This foodie would totally relate to our Food Love Is The Truest Form Of Love Wood Sign.

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5. The Food Blogger & Instagram Foodie 

'Wait! Don't touch the food. I haven't Instagrammed it yet!' Meet the foodie who goes all paparazzi on their food.

You could be dying of hunger, but all this foodie cares about is getting a good shot of her food for Instagram. The ritual before every meal is “Lights, Camera, Action!”. They're more concerned about finding 'Instagrammable' food and drinks than the actual taste of it. Their Instagram feed is filled with more delicious looking food pictures with little or no pictures of themselves because they feel their food deserves more space on their feed. Be ready to eat cold food with this foodie!



6. The Foodie Who 'Bakes' The World A Better Place

Here's a foodie who loves a good brownie so much that he/she learned to bake them. The baker foodie is not born great. She climbed the baking ladder caramelizing sugar, making pie dough by hand, melting white chocolate, making candies at home, baking macarons. This foodie is out to make the world a sweeter place. Their love for baking stems from their love for eating all things sweet. This baking goddess is always eager to bake birthday cakes and dreams of opening her own bakery someday.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves being by the oven as much? This Bake The World a Better Place Wood Sign will perfectly highlight the joys of baking and help them on their mission of baking the world a better place.

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7. The "Just One Bite" Foodie

This is the foodie who wants to taste everything on everyone's plate. They believe the food on someone else's plate tastes better than their own. They ogle at every stranger's food at restaurants, shamelessly ask the waiter what the next table is eating and take a bite from everyone's plate. Rarely does their one bite mean one bite!

8. The Masterchef Foodie 

This foodie loves wearing the chef's hat as much as he loves eating. He has the cooking talents of a grandma and the passion for food of an artisan chef! The greatest of all arts is the art of cooking and he is a true artist. He happily makes the most lip-smacking dishes ranging from Maggi to a dish with a name so fancy, you can't even pronounce it! His talent in the kitchen is golden and his recipes are legendary. 

Gift the master chef of your life a Best Cook Award Certificate.

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9.The DIY Foodie

As a true food lover, this foodie is all about experimenting with unique ingredients and creating his very own dish. Cookbooks lined up, spices classified and labeled, this Do-It-Yourself foodie treats his kitchen as a laboratory. He almost always has some unheard ingredients stocked in his kitchen and fridge. When at a restaurant, he's always analyzing and contemplating what has gone into the meal to make it taste like it does! At the end of the meal, you will always hear them say, "I could've made this at home." 

custom engraved recipe journal personalized with his name is what a DIY foodie needs to write down their 'inexpensive, tasty, and obviously more hygienic than a restaurant' recipes.

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10. The "What's for eats" Foodie

This foodie plans her entire day around food, bombarding everyone with one burning question, "What's for lunch, breakfast, and dinner?" Knowing what's cooking keeps her excited throughout the day. She will cancel plans to head out if she likes the food being cooked at home or make plans to try the breakfast at a new joint. Knowing what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, makes her life better! 

Engrave this foodie's favourite question on a wood sign. This rustic kitchen sign will add a personal touch to their kitchen or dining room.

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