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"Forgetfulness transforms every occurrence into a non-occurrence."

If you're one of those who forgets what they're doing or saying, misplaces phones, leaves keys in the car, forgets the neighbor's name when you run into them or hunts for eyeglasses that are perched on your head, you're reading the right blog. It's probably too late for you to blame your forgetfulness on the glasses of milk you did not drink when your mum asked you to. But all is not lost. You do not have to go through life trying to remember that thing you forgot. A savior for every scatterbrained person - Lists! Lists on notebooks or a wood carved sign hanging on your wall so you can see it every day.

Things You Are Likely to Forget - Wooden Plaque 

Things You Are Likely To Forget Wood Engraved Sign - what to give someone who loses everything - most likely to forget gifts - Personalized Wood Signs - Wooden Wall Signs - Custom wood engraving gifts - Gifts for friends - Gifts for family - wooden plaques - Woodgeek Store

Shop The 'Things You Are Likely to Forget' Wood Engraved Sign

A wood sign for the most forgetful person! A custom wooden sign engraved with all the things you are likely to forget. Imagine this situation. You leave the house in a hurry only to realize midway that you've left their wallet at home or are unsure if you turned off the geyser. Life of a scatterbrain is never easy. Our brain is like the Bermuda Triangle - information goes in but is never found. A list of all the basic things you are likely to forget engraved on a wood carved sign hanging on the walls of your home is what you need. Have a scatterbrained friend or family member? This 'Things You Are Likely to Forget' wood-engraved sign will help them remember all the things they are forgetting before stepping outside the house.

Custom engrave this wood sign with a name and display it on your wall. It makes for a fun wall decor item too.

A list of funny, silly things the scatterbrained tribe forget!

Oops I did it again Britney Spears GIF - Things we are likely to forget - We Are Likely To Forget - Gifts for the most forgetful friend - Birthday Gift Ideas - Things we always forget - most common things we forget - things that are easily forgotten - things we all forget - things that are forgotten - Woodgeek Store

  1. The Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again!' moment you have everytime you forget your wallet at home.
  2. Locked out of your room, house or car? Yes, we've all been there, done that.
  3. Forgetting to lock the bathroom door and giving people a free show.
  4. Murdering your pet fish! That guilt you feel when you see your dead fish floating because you forgot to feed the fish.
  5. Not just fish, you've mastered the art of killing beautiful plants too. All your plants eventually dry up and die because you forget to water them.
  6. Forgetting to flush the toilet! It's happened to most of us but we don't own up to it. Well, all I can say is welcome to the club!
  7. One day you are withdrawing money from the ATM at ease and the very next day you're stuck because you cannot remember your pin!
  8. Username and Password incorrect. How many times have you seen this flash on your computer screen? Your mailbox is flooded with 'reset your password' emails. 
  9. Stuck in the rain but can't book an Uber? Now is the time to curse your forgetting skills. How many times do you forget to charge your phone?
  10. Walking around without removing size stickers or price tags from clothes.
  11. Forgetting birthdays even with Facebook reminding you. It takes a very special person to forget things even with a reminder.

Brave I Can't Believe I Forgot GIF - Things we are likely to forget - Gift ideas for friends - Things we always forget - common things we forget - things that are easily forgotten - most forgotten things - things we all forget - things that are forgotten - Woodgeek Store

If the speed at which you forget things is faster than the speed at which thoughts occur to you, you will probably need more than a wood carved sign to keep you organized. Making a list of your daily tasks will help you will help tame your cluttered brain. List-making is every scatterbrained person's salvation. 

Things I am Likely To Forget - Notebook Journal

Things I Am Likely To Forget Wood Engraved Notebook - To-Do Notebook - Wooden Notebook Journal - gifts for most forgetful - funny forgetful gifts - Gifts for him - Gifts for her - wood engraved journals - Woodgeek Store

Shop The 'Things I Am Likely To Forget' Notebook

If you have nicknames like Miss Forgetful or Remember Me Not, then this wooden notebook journal is perfect for you. Writing down all your tasks on this Things I Am Likely To Forget Notebook will make sure you don't forget anything important. Lists help you streamline your thoughts, organize your tasks, acknowledge your hopes and dreams and go after them. It makes life simple and keeps you focused. Keep track of what you’ve accomplished and what you still need to do with this to-do list wood carved journal.

 Notes to my Future Self - Wood Engraved Notebook

Notes To My Future Self Wood Engraved Notebook - notebooks and journals - Wooden Notebook Journal - gifts for most forgetful - blank paper notebook - Gifts ideas for birthdays - Engraved gifts for friends - wooden gift ideas - wood engraved journals - Woodgeek Store

Shop The 'Notes to my Future Self' Wooden Notebook

A personal notebook is critical because it is a record of how it felt to be you at a particular time. It’s a record of the people we used to be as we are constantly evolving and growing. We make mistakes and learn from these experiences. Write down these experiences, big or small, in this 'Notes to my Future Self' wooden notebook. Every day is a lesson and these lessons deserve a place in our wooden diary. It as an exercise in self-love, a means of preserving and protecting what's important today in the future. Your future self will surely thank you! A wonderful gift for the forgetful people you know, this notebook journal is a great place to collect your thoughts and write down to-do lists.


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