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     LEO (♌)

The brave heart of the zodiacs, Leos are born between July 22 and August 23. Like their symbol Lion, Leos are born leaders who command power and respect. They are sweet talkers with a charming sense of humor. Incredibly loving, they have the biggest hearts which they hide under a tough exterior. They're the ones with the most ostentatious style and oodles of sex appeal. It's hard not to spot the Lion in a crowd. However, Leos are proud beings and seem to believe that the world revolves around them. Like the element Fire, Leos are wild, defiant and difficult to subjugate. 

Read on to decode the Lion or Lioness in your life:

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Characteristics Of Leo Women

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 The Leo woman is as warm, kind and compassionate as she is majestic. She demands attention and gets it too. Men drop like flies around the sexy lioness. A Leo woman needs to be wooed and pursued. She likes the finer things in life. She has the loudest laughter and a great sense of style. She can be a bit of a narcissist and entitled. Born under the hottest suns of summer, a Leo woman is hot-headed and arrogant. If you hurt her pride, you might have to face her, claws out. However, once you get to know her, you will realize she is soft like cotton under that tough exterior she puts on to avoid getting hurt. Getting her to open up and put down her walls may seem like a Herculean's task, but it is worth it. A Leo female is smart in the head, elegant in her gait, and brave in the heart. 

Some fellow  lioness': Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, J.K. Rowling

Leo Women In Love 

Congratulations! You have fallen for a queen. Shower her with the love and attention a queen deserves as Leo women see themselves as the centre of the universe. Look at her like she is the only girl in the world. She hates competition with other women. Leo women love hard and demand the same in return. You're on a passionate, intense, wildly romantic rollercoaster when in love with a Leo woman. Impress her with big romantic gestures - candlelight dinners, surprise vacations, and fancy gifts - or even a handwritten note telling her how much you love her. She seeks validation in love and demands displays of your affection so a silent love will just not do for her. Walk that extra mile for her and she will shower you with a love you've not experienced before.

Mind you the lioness is not looking for a caregiver. A Leo woman is on the lookout for a fellow hunter. She does not do anything in half measure, whether in life or love. This big cat is territorial but her partner's possessive nature will not sit well with her. She loves autonomy and expresses herself with uninhibited freedom. Leo women are one of the most liberated in the Zodiac family.

Perfect Compatibility: Gemini, Sagittarius or Aries man 

Horoscopical Horror: A Scorpio or Pisces Man

Leo Women and Friendship 

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Leo women make exceptional friends. If there is one person you can trust to take your secrets to the grave, it would be your Leo friend. A Leo woman chooses her friends carefully. She looks for the company of alpha females like herself. Chances are that her squad constitutes A-League women who know their worth and strut around the town looking like a scene straight out of Sex and the  City. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Leo women are the first to help friends in need. They can be territorial, but you know that she will fight until her very last breath for you. 

Personality of Leo Men

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Leo men are the most energetic, warm and friendly people ever. Ruled by the Sun, Leo men are regal, strong, proud and fearless like lions. They love showering gifts on people they love and live life emperor size. Extremely social, you are most likely to find the Leo man enjoying undivided attention from fellow men and women. Never will you find a Leo man shabbily dressed. Incredibly witty and charming, their magnetic personalities are hard to resist. They are well aware of the effect their charm has on people, and it gives them a kick like no other. Leo men have a super fragile ego, and nothing hurts them more than not being given attention. A wounded Leo is dangerous. These otherwise gentle souls can transform into aggressive beings when attention deprived. 

Famous Lions: Christopher Nolan, Barrack Obama, Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel Radcliff, Alfred Hitchcock.

Leo Men In Love

When a Leo man loves, he does so without any pretense. Hopeless romantics, the Leo male take courtship seriously. They tend to look for lifelong partners who will dote on them. It’s natural for Leo men to court in a lavish and grandiose manner. Expect exotic dinners in the finest restaurants, long drives in the moonlight, lavish gifts and beautiful flowers. Leo men are champions of the art of wooing. Leos expect loyalty and will not stand infidelity from their partners. These individuals fall in love fast and allow their emotions to get the better of them. Leo men get their energy, strength, and health from their ruling planet, the sun. Being elements of fire, the Leo male is passionate.

Leo Men and Friendship 

Despite their self-centered demeanor, lions are exceptionally loyal and faithful friends. They believe blood makes one related, but loyalty makes one family. Leos need attention and love from the people in their lives. Once you make him feel like an important part of your life, he will give you his unadulterated loyalty and friendship. He will protect and cherish you and will gladly be your 4 am friend. They have a huge heart with a huge space for you in it. You don't want to hurt that. 

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