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We love lists at the Woodgeek office. In fact, we have a notebook for every kind of list there is - our greatest ideas list, to do lists, a list of products we want to make, blog ideas lists, office pantry lists, and it goes on. Lists keep our lives simple. So in our attempt to help you de-clutter your life, we've created bamboo wood notebooks for all your lists!

A List of Lists to Make Notebook

A List Of Lists To Make - A List Making Journal For To-Do Lists - A Listography Journal For All The Lists To Make For Yourself - A spiral notebook made of bamboo wood for all the random lists to make - Woodgeek Store

Shop This A List Of Lists To Make Listography Journal

As fellow list-makers, we understand that it is impossible to keep a separate notebook for all your various lists. This spiral bound notebook is every list makers dream come true. Fill the pages of this blank journal with all the lists you want to make - to do lists, shopping lists, a list of your goals, wish lists, list of ideas, movies to watch. Bullet point your lists, use stickers and symbols, tick points off or cross them out, colour code them and categorize - this list planner notebook lets you make lists the way you want.

Notes To My Future Self - To-Do List Notebook

Notes To My Future Self List Making Journal For All The Lists To Make In Life - A Daily To Do List Notepad - A To Do List Spiral Notebook For Forgetful People - Woodgeek Store

Shop This 'Notes to my Future Self' To Do List Notebook

Never forayed into the world of list making? Let this wooden list making book usher you into the world of list making. Write down these experiences, big or small, in this 'Notes to my Future Self' wooden notebook. Every day is a lesson and these lessons deserve a place in our wooden diary. It as an exercise in self-love, a means of preserving and protecting what's important today in the future. Your future self will surely thank you!

There are no rules to list making. Colour code your lists, use check-boxes, tick points off, strike it out or keep your lists simple by jotting things down when they occur to you.

Things I Am Likely To Forget Journal 

Things I Am Likely To Forget - This Spiral Bound To Do List Notebook Is A Funny Gift For Person Who Loses Everything - This Wood Bound Journal Is A Funny Gift For A Forgetful Person - Woodgeek Store

Shop This Things I Am Likely To Forget Wooden To Do List Notebook

Listing things is a fun way to make you more productive. There is so much going on in that little mind of yours. It gets difficult to keep track. Lists help you streamline your thoughts, organize your tasks, acknowledge your hopes and dreams and go after them. You give life to your thoughts when you write them down on paper. Lists make life simple and keep you focused. When life gets overwhelming, making lists can be oddly therapeutic. It creates a sense of order in your life. Keep track of what you've accomplished and what you still need to do in this wooden to do list notebook!

I don't procrastinate. I delegate things to my future self - List Making Journal

I don't procrastinate. I delegate things to my future self - List Making Journal - A funny notebook custom engraved for list making

Shop This I Delegate Things To My Future Self List-Making Notebook

List making does not have to be all serious business. This funny notebook engraved with this fun quote 'I Don't Procrastinate, I Delegate Things to My Future Self'  will make for a unique to-do list journal. You may refuse to call yourself a procrastinator, but you can make a list of the tasks you have entrusted your future self with.

Fun List Making Ideas

Other than tracking goals, keeping a record and daily to-do’s, you can make lists of anything. For all the obsessive list makers, here’s a list of all the random lists you can make!

  • Reasons To Not Call Your Ex: A much-needed list after a breakup. List down all the terrible things about him/her. That should stop you from making drunk calls to your ex at midnight. 
  • Reasons To Not Kill Your Boss: Bosses can be a nightmare. This is a list for the times your boss makes you want to pull your hair out in frustration. Keep this list handy for all the times you need convincing to not kill your boss.
  • Reasons Why You’re Awesome: Don't wait for someone to say nice things about you. Recognize your awesomeness and list them down. When you're having a bad day, this is the list you need to look at! The perfect list-making notebook to jot down all the reasons why you're awesome is this Little Book Of Happy Things!

My Little Book Of Happy Things Notebook - Motivation Journal - Inspirational Journal - Custom Engraved Wooden Notebook

  • Things You're Terrible At:Knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths. List out all the things you are not-so-good-at and work on them!
  • New Restaurants To Try: All those new places opening around town and all that food to eat. List it down. Make a checklist of all the great restaurants you would like to eat in around the world.
  • Crazy Things To Do: A bucket list of all the crazy things you've got to do before you die!

Custom Bucket List Journal - Customized Wooden Notebook - Bamboo Journal

  • List of Things To Do With Someone You Love:Somethings are best enjoyed when shared with the person you love. A list of all things and experiences you want to have with a loved one.
  • The Dream Wedding List: The dreamiest weddings don't happen overnight. It takes years of noting down every small idea. 
  • One Good Deed A Day List: Bring a positive change in the world around you with one good deed at a time. Practice compassion. Spreading positive energy will bring a positive change in your life. Jot it all down in this Gratitude Journal and see the transformation in your life!

Custom Gratitude Journal - A Gratitude Diary To Document Your Gratitude Exercise

  • Things to Do When You’re Bored:One of the things to do when bored is to make a list of things to do when bored.
  • A List Of Your Most Bizarre Dreams:Bizarre dreams are never to be forgotten. They make good stories.
  • List Of Business Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire:When you are broke, the best thing you could do is to make a list of ideas that would make you a millionaire. And you never know, one of your ideas may just work! This Goal Digger wooden journal is the perfect notebook to list down your business goals.

A Goal Digger Notebook To List Down Your Goals. A Custom Engraved Wooden Notebook For List Making.

  • A List of Interesting Words You Come Across: A list to improve your vocabulary. If you're a writer, nothing will help you more than this list. 
  • A List Of Recipes To Try: A list of all the experimentation to concoct a yummy dish in the kitchen can find its place in this customized recipe journal.

Custom Recipe Journal - A Cooking Notebook to jot down recipes - Wooden Notebook Custom engraved with a name

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