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Trophies, awards, and medals aren't just for competition winners anymore. We, at the Woodgeek Store, have given a fun twist to the way the world looks at trophies, awards and medals. We've created custom trophies and funny medals for all the people you love - parents, your nosy sibling, favourite work friend, your loving boyfriend/girlfriend - you name it and we have it.

When it comes to gifting loved ones, nothing beats personalized gifts and we can all agree that no one does custom gifts like we do! These custom engraved wooden trophies and wooden medals make fun awards for family and friends, unique gifts for employees and great corporate gifts.

Personalized Wooden Trophies & Awards

Star trophies, award plaques, trophy cups, and award standees that can be custom engraved for employees, friends or family members. Choose from sports trophies to corporate awards to funny office awards and funny awards for friends and family or customize your own wooden awards.


    Wooden awards and trophies make great employee recognition awards. Your best manager deserves an award recognizing his hard work and dedication. Congratulate your coworker on their work anniversary with an appreciation award. Bid adieu to a retiring employee with a custom engraved retirement plaque. Engrave a farewell message to a colleague or employee on a wooden plaqueThank your boss for being the best with a trophy cup!

    Best Manager Wooden Trophy & Award. Wooden plaques awards trophies make the best thank you gifts for managers.

    Shop Personalized Best Manager Award Trophy Here

    Congratulations On Your Work Anniversary Wooden Plaque. This wooden trophy and award plaque makes great office gifts. This is one of the best gifts for employees.

    Shop Personalized Work Anniversary Wooden Plaque Award Here


    A wooden trophy for the most adorable couple you know! Gift this Star Couple Trophy to the couple who reinstates your belief in true love. For the best couple in the world, here's a custom trophy for setting relationship goals. Personalize this fun trophy with their names and present them this unique gift. This Star Couple award trophy also makes perfect anniversary gifts.

    Not just star couple, we have custom trophies for the World's Most Loving Boyfriend or Girlfriend, a funny anniversary trophy cup, an award for your lucky charm and a guitar award for the person who rocks your world.

    Star Couple Award for the world's best couple ever. This Custom Wooden Trophy makes best gifts for couples. This Star Trophy is also one of the most unique romantic gifts for couples.

    Shop Personalized Star Couple Trophy Award Here


    An award for your best friend in the whole wide world. They are your partner in crime, the one person who knows you better than anyone else. For everything that your best friend does for you, they deserve a Best Friend Trophy! This wooden trophy cup will make a truly wonderful best friend gift or friendship day gift for your best buddy. 

    Looking for funny awards for friends? From bucket award for the cry baby friend to the inappropriate joke award to most embarrassing friend award, we have it all.

    World's Best Friend Trophy Cup. A Best Friend Award Makes Great Best Friends Gifts. This Custom Trophy Make Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend. Looking for friendship day gifts for friends? This will make unique gifts for friends.

    Shop Personalized Best Friend Trophy Award Here


    You can also customize your own trophy in a shape of your choice. Add a photo, put in quotes and create your own masterpiece reflective of the delightful relationship you share with your loved ones. 

    Wooden Guitar Shaped Award & Trophy. Customise Your Own Wooden Trophies & Awards. Create Your Own Custom Trophies. Personalised Music Awards for the Best Musician or Music Fan. Make Your Own Music Awards, Best Employee Award or Other Employee Appreciation Awards, Funny Awards and Trophies

    Wooden Bucket Shaped Award & Trophy. Customise Your Own Wooden Trophies & Awards. Create Your Own Custom Trophies. Make Your Own Wooden Awards, Best Employee Award or Other Employee Appreciation Awards, Funny Awards and Trophies.

    Customize Your Own Award In A Shape Of Your Choice



    Buying personalized gifts for family members can be tricky, especially when there are so many personalities to cater to. All those run-of-the-mill gifts are boring and have been done to death. Announce your love for a family member by gifting them something different like personalized wooden medals. 

    Team Dad, Sorry Mom Wooden Medal. Mom You're My Favourite Wooden Medal. These Wooden Medals Make Cute Gifts For Parents. These Engraved Medals Makes Perfect Father's Day Gift Or A Mother's Day Gift

    #1 Bro Wooden Medal. #1 Sis Wooden Medal. These Custom Medals Can Make The Best Gifts For Siblings. These Medals Can Be Presented As Awards For The Best Brother Or The Best Sister.

    Shop Wooden Medals For Family Here


    Getting the perfect gift for your partner is difficult, to say the least. Let's be real: flowers and a box of chocolates aren't the most romantic gifts for the most special person in your life. Gift your beloved something custom made just for them without burning a hole in your pocket. These wooden medals engraved for your partner will show them how much you love them. 

    You Have My Heart Forever Wooden Medal. These Personalized Medals Come Engraved On Mahogany Wood Or Birch Wood. If You Are Looking For Unique Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife, Then These Custom Medals Will Make Really Good Romantic Gifts For Them
    Shop You Have My Heart Forever Wooden Medal Here

    You're All I Can Think Of Wooden Medal With Ribbon - These Custom Medals Make Unique Romantic Gifts for Him & Her - Order Medals Online From The Woodgeek Store For The Best Gift Items

    Shop You're All I Can Think Of Wooden Medal Here


    We all have friends characteristically unique in their own ways. Celebrate the quirks of your friends or loved ones by presenting them something funny to match their personalities. Let them know you know them better than anyone else and hold on to your prized status with these hilarious personalized wooden medals.

    #1 Bewda Wooden Medal With Ribbon. This Funny Medal Is Engraved On Mahogany or Birch Wood. These Funny Medals Make Great Friendship Day Gifts Or A Simple Birthday Gift For Friends.

    Shop #1 Bewda Wooden Medal Here

    Chai, Sutta & Bakwas Star Wooden Medal. A Funny Medal That Will Make One Of The Best Gifts For Work Friends. These Medals Make Great Office Gift Ideas or Funny Gifts for Friends.

    Shop Chai, Sutta & Bakwas Star Wooden Medal Here

    Thanks For Being My 4 am Friend Wooden Medal With Ribbon - This Is The Best Gift For Your Best Friend

    Shop Thanks For Being My 4am Friend Wooden Medal Here


    Customize your own medal by engraving funny quotes on birch wood or mahogany on a round or curvy medal. 

    Custom Medals - Create Your Own Medal With Custom Text - Medal With Ribbon - This is the best personalized gift

    Customize Your Own Wooden Medal Here

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    I want to write GRATITUDE in some wodden stuff and keep or hang in the car can u please help?

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