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Go on a solo trip. Bungee jump. Watch a Champions League match in Old Trafford. Adopt a pet. Visit Eiffel Tower with the person you love. Change the world.
Remember your sense of adventure and dreams of doing great things? We've probably had bucket lists even before we understood the term bucket list! But sometimes as life sets in, these fun and crazy ideas take a back seat. We get so complacent in our mundane routine life, we forget that life has so much more to offer.
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There is so much to do, so much to see and so little time! Do what you love rather than spending days, months and years doing what you don't love! Live truly and fully. Cherish every moment like it is your last. Yes, jobs are important, kids are important and those business meetings are important. But what is of the utmost importance is your own happiness!
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Pursue your happiness. Make a list of all the things you want to do and see. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too crazy. Nothing is silly. There is no greater feeling than ticking something off your bucket list. From a travel bucket list to wedding bucket list to life experiences list to movie bucket list and a before I die list, your bucket list could have just about anything. A bucket list filled with crazy hair-raising experiences or something as simple as learning to drive or going to the circus.
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The Internet is filled with '100 Things To Do Before You Die', '20 Places To Visit Before You Turn 30', 'Crazy Bucket List Ideas'. Don't let these lists overwhelm you. A bucket list is supposed to be deeply personal. It isn't something to take off the Internet. It is a list you come up with after much self-searching and contemplation.

A Bucket List Bucket Sign

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A bucket list in the shape of a bucket, literally! Create the ultimate bucket list - a wedding bucket list, travel bucket list, life experiences list, before I die list or a yearly bucket list! Custom engrave all the cool and crazy things you want to do on this bucket list sign and put it up on the walls of your home. Let this bucket list sign remind you to start living life like every moment is your last. When you physically record your goals or in this case, get it engraved on wood, your mind creates a contract with itself. And you wouldn't want to let yourself down, would you?

My Bucket List Wooden Notebook

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Writing down your bucket list on paper acknowledges your desire to experience these things and you are more likely to tick them off your list. So go on, make a list and live your life like every moment is your last. Writing down your dreams on this Bucket List journal will serve as a constant reminder of your aspirations, and keeps you driven.

Reasons You Absolutely Need A Bucket List

1. A Bucket List gives you something to look forward to!

2. Only dead fish go with the flow. Bucket lists help you take charge of your life and work towards what you really want.

3. It forces you to introspect and discover yourself.

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4. Dreams don't come free. A bucket list will push you to put in that extra effort at work.

5. It helps you live out your dreams. Acknowledging your dreams and goals increases the likelihood of actually achieving them.

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6. Bucket lists make you step out of your comfort zone. New experiences help you grow.

7. Ticking something off your bucket list gives a sense of accomplishment.

8. It encourages you to let go of your fears and to dream bigger!

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So make that bucket list. Let go of your fears and fill it with all the things you want to do, things that scare the daylights out of you, things that make you laugh till your stomach hurts, things that inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Engrave it onto a wood sign so you can refer to it as a reminder to never forget your dreams.

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