November 17, 2018 4 min read

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It's Saggi season and time to buy all the Sagittarius people in your life birthday gifts. Choosing birthday gifts is no easy task. How many times have you walked around stores confused what to get the birthday boy or girl? Well, not anymore. Here are gift ideas for people born between November 23rd and December 21st chosen according to the personality traits of a Sagittarian.

Gifts Ideas For Sagittarius Men & Women

Itchy Feet: Sagittarians love to travel

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Sags are free-spirited and passionate about traveling. Even a day's getaway can lift their spirit. They consider every experience a gift. A travel journal to note down their travel experiences and adventures would make a great gift for the Sag in your life. Even a wood carved plaque engraved with a travel quote would perfectly adorn the home of a travel-loving Sagittarius. These birthday gifts for the Sagittarius friend, boyfriend or girlfriend will encourage them to explore the vagabond in them.

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A Sagittarius Wooden Zodiac Poster

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What better than a Sagittarius zodiac poster for that Sagittarius friend obsessed with reading his/her horoscope, tarot readings and crystals. The best birthday gift for a zodiac-obsessed person.

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Gifts For The Style-Conscious Sagittarius!

Sagittarians have a very sophisticated sense of style. People under this star sign are usually up to date with fashion trends. For the fashion conscious Sagittarius, we have some out-of-the-box birthday gifts.

Sunglasses are cool but wooden sunglasses are even cooler. Gift your Sagittarius friend wooden sunglasses personalized with his/her name. These sunglasses have polarized lenses so besides looking oh-so-cool, it will protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. 

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Is your Saggi friend a Specsy? Gift them cool wooden prescription glasses custom engraved with their name. Help them make a statement with wooden spectacle frames.

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Looking for something even cooler? Wooden bowties would make the perfect birthday gift for the fashionable Sagittarius. Wooden bowties  Wooden bow ties are an innovative twist to the traditional bowtie. They're funky and cool. 

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Sagittarians Are Blind Optimists!

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Sagittarians are the most optimistic zodiac among the 12. A Sag is said to be blindly optimistic. They are always hopeful and inspire other people. They pay very little attention to negativity and focus on positivity in every situation. They have a very strong sense of right and wrong. In fact, their optimism is highly contagious.

An optimistic Sagittarius will love inspirational wood signs to put up on the walls of their home. This Good Vibes Only wood sign or If Only You Dared rustic wood sign will serve as a daily reminder to stay positive forever. Have your own favourite inspirational quote? Customize your own wood carved poster or personalized wooden plaques with any quote and/or image.

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Sagittarians are Nomophobic!

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Personalize Your Own Wooden Phone Case Here

Sagittarius love their phones. Sags always have two things around them - their phones and their friends. In fact, they love all things tech. They're the person you probably go to for everything technology-related. A wooden phone case custom engraved for this tech lover would be a great birthday gift. You can personalize the phone case as you like with a photo and/or text. Sagittarius or not, everybody loves a good personalized gift. 

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Sagittarians Love Music and Are Huge Movie Buffs

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Sagittarians are creative people. Movies and music tend to be their best friend.  Sagittarians will passionately discuss the best scenes from their favourite movies and they seem to know the lyrics to all the songs they listen to. Every music lover will jump with joy at a custom wooden poster of their favourite music band, movie or movie character. If your Sagittarian friend is a fan of Bob Marley, this Bob Marley wooden poster will make a unique birthday gift idea. If he/she is a Batman fan, this wood art poster is the perfect gift for a Batman lover.

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Shop the Wood Art Poster Here 

Sports Lovers: Sagittarians Make Good Athletes!

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Sagittarians are born athletes. For the sports-loving Sagittarian, a wood engraved poster of his favorite sports team or favorite sports player would make an amazing birthday gift. A Class of 92 Sports Poster for a Manchester United fan or a Messi Poster for a Barcelona fan. Looking for something else? Look through the sports-related products on our website or create your own poster for the sports lover. 

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The Foodie Saggitarius!

Food is the truest form of love wood sign - Wood carved sign - wooden plaques - wooden house signs - rustic wood signs - cool birthday gifts - birthday gifts for friends -  best friend gifts - Gifts for Sagittarius - woodgeekstoreShop The Wood sign 'Food is the Truest Form of Love' Here

Sagittarians love food so much so that they often end up overeating. They like experimenting with food and will eat just about anything at least once. Hot and spicy food is their weakness. The foodie Sagittarian will definitely appreciate this Biggest Foodie Certificate Award customized with their name or this Food Is The Truest Form of Love Wood Sign as a birthday gift.

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