by Srinandini Datta November 09, 2018

Coding is so much like woodworking - you grow an idea, break it down, create a code, compile it and develop something great out of it.

Programming is every coder's biggest love. It is addictive. Only a coder knows the power of coding. Lines and lines of codes are written, rewritten and compiled. Every coder feels a constant need to better the code he/she has written. We write complex codes to make your life easier. Without coders, modern technology wouldn't be where it is today.

Here's a list of wooden notebooks and wood carved signs made the computer geeks. 

BORN TO CODE - Bamboo Notebook and Wooden Sign

Born to code Wooden Notebook  - Gifts for coders - Wooden Notebooks - Notebook Journals - Birthday gifts for friends - Birthday Gift ideas - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'Born to code' Programmer's Journal 

A gift idea for the ones who were born to code! Coding is their only love. They can spend hours screen coding, debugging, or discussing codes with their fellow programmers. This 'Born to code' bamboo wood notebook or wooden plaques with saying is the perfect birthday gift for passionate coders. They are the ones who have made our lives easier. If you're a coder or know a coder, there is no better gift for programmers.

Born to Code Wood Sign - Gifts for Computer Geeks - Birthday Gifts for coders - Carved Wood Sign - WOODGEEKSTORE

Shop The 'Born to Code' Carved Wood Sign


Real Programmers Count from Zero Wooden Notebook - Wood Bound Notebook  - Notebook Journals - Best Gift for coders - Unique gift ideas -  wooden products online - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'Real Programmers Count from Zero'  Wood Cover Journal

Normal people start counting from 1, but not programmers. Programmers count from zero because the first integer index is 0. 0 is an actual number in computer programming. Zero, in computer language, has a value and is not null like in traditional mathematics. It is all about efficiency and computer nerds believe counting from zero is slightly more efficient than starting at 1. A 'Real Programmers Count from Zero' cool wood cover journal as birthday gift for the computer geeks.  

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, CALL IT VERSION 1.0 - Engraved Notebook and Carved Wood Signs For Programmers

If you don't succeed,call it version 1.0 engraved wood sign - wood sign for coders - wood sign for home - inspirational wood signs - wooden plaques - Home signs made of wood - Gifts for friends - Gifts for coders - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'If at First You Don't Succeed, Call It Version 1.0' Wooden Sign 

Life is hard. Look at life the way programmers look at computer software. Programmers don’t give up because their program is not perfect. They launch a version 1.0, keep working on it, add new features and launch the next version. So if you don’t succeed in the first attempt, call it version 1.0 and try again. This 'If at First, You Don't Succeed, Call It Version 1.0' inspirational wooden notebook or carved wooden plaques will remind you that there is no end to creativity or ideas. A wooden gift for your friends who love coding.

If You Don't Succeed, Call it Version 1.0 Bamboo Notebook - Inspirational Wooden notebook - Wooden notebooks - Gifts for friends - Notebook Journals - Wooden Journals - Wooden Products online - blank paper notebook - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'If At First You Don't Succeed, Call It Version 1.0' Wooden Notebook

MALE / FEMALE / PROGRAMMER - Wooden Journals and Rustic Wood SignMale female programmer wood sign - Carved wood sign -  gifts for nerds - Birthday gift ideas - Wooden engraved gifts - Gifts for him - gifts for her - rustic wood signs - woodgeekstore

Shop the 'Male/Female/Programmer' Rustic Wooden Sign

A fun programmer's journal! You can either be male, female or programmer. Men are symbolized by the Mars sign, women by the Venus sign and programmers by the USB sign. This wooden notebook journal hilariously describes a computer geek's life. It is only in the world of coding that there are no men or women, only coders. A cool geeky rustic wooden carved sign and wooden coder's notebook journal for a computer nerd. Hang this geeky wood sign on the walls of your room or carry a cool programming journal.

Male female programmer Wooden Notebook Journal - Notebooks for Programmers - programmer's notebook - programming notebook - gifts for computer nerd - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'Male/Female/Programmer' Wooden Notebook Journal

BUGS! - Bamboo Wooden Notebooks


Bugs Wooden Notebook Journal - notebooks online - notebooks for sale - Coders notebook - Gifts for coders - bamboo notebook - wooden notebook - Notebook Journals - Gifts ideas -  gifts for computer geeks - woodgeekstore
Shop The  'BUGS' Wood Cover Notebook journal 

A funny take on a programmer's life! Bugs are a coder's worst nightmare. How many times have you found a bug in your program and removed it only to find double the amount of bugs after compiling? Only a coder can relate to how frustrating that is. In programming and in life, sometimes we try rectifying our mistakes only make it worse. A wood cover programmer's notebook journal for the computer nerds. Here's a solution to the bugs - a notebook to list all the bugs found.

EAT SLEEP CODE REPEAT -  Engraved Wood Sign and Wood Notebook

Eat sleep Code Repeat Engraved Wood sign - engraved wood signs - Wood signs with sayings - Carved Wood signs - wooden items online -  wooden gifts online - Birthday gifts for friends - birthday gifts - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat' Wood cover Notebook 

A carved wood sign and wooden notebook with the saying that sums up a coder's life perfectly. Programmers code all day, debug all night and go through thousands of code lines before going live with their code. Coders live in the world of computers. A cool geeky notebook out of wood and wooden carved sign with the motto of every coder engraved on it. A perfect gift for aspiring programmers.

Eat Sleep Code Repeat Engraved Bamboo Notebook - wood products - wooden products online - Notebook Journals - Gifts for friends - things made out of wood - unique gifts ideas - woodgeekstoreShop The 'Eat, Sleep, Code , Repeat' Wooden Carved Sign


Semicolon: Hide & Seek Champion Wooden notebook - Gifts for coders - notebook journals - bamboo notebooks - wood bound notebooks - engraved stationary - products of wood - unique gift ideas - Birthday gifts for friends - woodgeekstore

Shop The 'Semicolon: Hide and Seek' Programming Journal 

A semicolon is a terminator in computer language. You can spend hours and hours writing codes, recheck the code before compiling, but you always miss that semicolon. You hit compile and there is the compile error staring right back at you. Only a programmer can understand the pain of finding that semicolon. The semicolon is rightly called the hide and seek champion. Every coder can relate to this fun wooden notebook. The perfect programming journal for computer nerds


Fun Fact:

Programmers’ Day is celebrated every year on 13th September which is the 256th day of the year. The number 256 (28) was chosen because it is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, a value well-known to programmers. 256 is also the highest power of two that is less than 365, the number of days in a common year.

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