by Damini Chatterjee November 24, 2018

We spend 8 hours of our every day in the office doing the same routinely things. Work life can be pretty monotonous. But come December and the magic of Christmas can transform even the most mundane work environments. Stir things up at the workplace with office Christmas games.

Office games are a fun, lighthearted way to encourage workplace friendships, boost employee engagement and improve workplace culture. Organize a fun Christmas Gift Exchange Game in the office and drive the monotony away!

Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish is to spend more time unwrapping presents than I do untangling lights! 

Your Christmas wish may just come true with these two following Christmas games!

Secret Santa

Secret Santa Gift Exchange Game - Best Christmas Gifts - Unusual Wooden Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

My favorite gift giving game is the traditional yet fun Secret Santa! You get to be somebody's Santa and somebody gets to be your Santa! This is a name drawing game but with a bit more meat to it.

  • Write down the names of all the participants on pieces of paper.
  • Once all the names are collected, let each person draw a name. The name on the paper you pick is the person you are to get a gift for. So in other words, you are their Secret Santa, secret being the operative word here. You cannot reveal the name you pick. This can be done in the days or weeks leading up to the celebration.
  • Set a budget. It is always best to keep a price limit for office Secret Santa gift exchanges. 
  • Set a date for the gift exchange. You could even leave small gifts at their office desk in the days leading up to Christmas or you can also get one large gift for the person you chose.
  • On the day of the gift exchange party, each person brings a gift labeled for the person to receive it.
  • After receiving your presents, guess the name of your Secret Santa. This is the best part of the game! 
  • Remember to pretend to like your gift and don't leave it on the train!

For those of you who are never satisfied with the gifts you get, you can try a twisted version of Secret Santa -

The White Elephant Game

White Elephant Gift Exchange - Secret Santa - Secret Santa Gifts - Best Wooden Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore - The Wood Shop Online

The White Elephant Gift Exchange is pretty simple! There is no name drawing required.

  • Set a date for your office gift exchange party and on the day of the party, everyone brings a wrapped gift along. The gifts are placed in one area together.
  • Draw numbers to determine the order in which you will unwrap gifts.
  • The person who draws no. 1 selects a gift from the lot and unwraps it for everyone to see. The person who draws no. 2 can now select a new gift to unwrap or steal no. 1's gift. Those who had their gifts stolen can pick a new gift or steal someone else's gift. But every gift can only be stolen thrice else this would be a neverending game! This continues until everyone ends up with a present.

The Woodgeek Christmas Gift Guide

Now that we've told you about our favorite Christmas office games, we're here to help you surprise your co-worker our Christmas Gift Guide.

1. Lights Will Guide You Home Wood Sign:

Lights Will Guide You Home Unique Wood Sign - Best Christmas Gifts - Engraved Wood Sign - Wooden Plaques - Rustic Wood Sign - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Lights Will Guide You Home Wood Sign Here

These beautiful words from the classic Coldplay song 'Fix You' engraved on a wooden plaque is the best Christmas gift for someone who needs these words of encouragement. When all seems lost and darkness engulfs us, there is always a ray of light to guide you back to happiness. There is always hope, light at the end of the tunnel, even in the darkest of times. If you muster the strength to keep walking, lights will calm your soul. You will soon get back on your feet and your soul will be at peace, at home, once again.

This inspirational wood sign teaches us that bad times always pass, and we heal with time. So never give up. Follow the light and we will be guided back home. Light up the walls of your Secret Santa partner's home this Christmas with this motivating wooden sign.

2. Joy To The World, The Lord Has Come Wood Sign: 

Joy To The World The Lord Has Come Wood Carved Signs - Wood Art Making - Custom Wood Signs - Wood Sign Online - Unique Christmas Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Joy To The World Wooden Poster Here

From Sunday school plays to caroling concerts, “Joy to the World” is a Christmas staple. A Christmas classic, the song celebrates the rebirth of Christ. And what better way to celebrate the birth of the Lord than to spread Christmas cheer among the unfortunate. Spread joy this Christmas and be the Santa for people who need it. Volunteer, donate, help in any way you can. That is why we can sing 'Joy to the World' on Christmas! It is about feeling and spreading joy and kindness. 

A wood sign engraved with this classic Christmas carol is the best Secret Santa gift you could give! This wonderful wood sign decor would probably be the one everyone is eyeing at the White Elephant Gift Exchange!

3. Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Wood Sign:

Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Best Wood Sign Online - Unique Wooden Plaques - Wooden Signs For Home - Wood Art - Unique Christmas Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Wood Sign Here

Christmas is the season for magic. It's the time for miracles and spreading Christmas cheer. Get into the Christmas spirit and believe in the magic this season is capable of bringing. Every year at Christmas, we make merry! Houses shining bright with lights, wreaths to welcome guests on doors, Christmas trees decorated with cute ornaments, the smell of cake and cookies in the air, Christmas carols - all of this heighten our faith and transport us to a faraway land of lights, elves, and reindeer! The gifts under the tree, the lights in the windows, the cards in the mail, turkey dinners with family and friends, stockings hanging in the living room, and Christmas greetings to those who pass us in the streets, everything fills our hearts with joy!

Believe in the magic that Santa brings to Christmas and be a Santa in other people's lives. Spread this Christmas cheer to your Secret Santa partner's home with this wooden Christmas sign. This unique wood carved sign will cheer up even the grumpiest Scrooge!

4. All I Want For Christmas Is You Wood sign:

All I Want For Christmas Is You Unique Christmas Gifts - Wooden Signs Online - Wood Plaques - Engraved Woodsigns - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop All I Want For Christmas Is You Wood Sign Here

Santa's on his way bearing gifts for one but all you want for Christmas is a special someone! While everyone around you is making wishlists for Santa, you're hoping Santa is going to pull some strings and gift you the person you love this Christmas. Christmas is time for magic. So if you've been pining over a special someone for months and have been afraid to express your feelings to them, be your own Santa this Christmas and gift them this wooden Christmas sign engraved with this romantic Christmas song. Christmas can truly be enjoyed with your loved ones around and if you and your partner are apart on Christmas, it would be a good idea to wish for them this Christmas. You never know, Santa may just grant you your wish. Secretly crushing on your colleague or have been deliberating on sharing your feelings for them, use the opportunity of the Secret Santa Gift Exchange to express your feelings with this carved wooden sign. Well, just remember to not make the other person awkward and leave them alone if they aren't interested. A no always means no.

 5. Jesus Wooden Poster: 

Wooden Poster - Jesus Wood Poster Online - Best Christmas Gift - Wood Art - Wall Posters Online - Carved Wooden Posters - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Wooden Jesus Poster Here

Best Wooden Posters Online - Carved Wooden Posters - Unique Christmas Gifts - Hanging Posters - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Bible Carved Wooden Poster Here

A wood wall hanging of Jesus to remind us what Christmas is all about - the rebirth of Christ. A wooden poster reminding us that Jesus died for the sins of all people. He took his last breath nailed to a stake to relieve us of our sins and let us enjoy everlasting life and be blessed by God. The crown of thorns was placed on Jesus' head by Roman soldiers to mock his claim as the King of Jews during his Passion, which is his final suffering period leading to his crucifixion. Adorn the walls of your home or office with this carved wood wall art of the Saviour.

If your relationship with your Secret Santa coworker is restricted to mere hi's and bye's, choosing the right Christmas present can leave you in despair! This exquisite wood-carved Jesus poster is a safe bet. Ideal for just about anyone, there is no going wrong with this gift.

6. There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For Wood Sign:

There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For Wood Carved Wood Sign - Engraved Wood Signs - Best Christmas Gifts - Wooden Signs With Sayings - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For Wooden Poster Here

Gratitude is a simple and powerful tool for happiness. Being grateful positively affects the energy within us and around us. People who radiate gratitude are the ones who can truly enjoy life because they count their blessings and appreciate everything they have or receive. No matter where we stand in our lives, there is always something we to be thankful for - our healthy bodies, loving family, a beautiful sunny day, a cold winter morning, the house we live in, the clean water we drink, our last meal. There is no end to how much the Lord has provided us with. This gratitude wooden sign is a reminder to stay positive and grateful even during tough times. No matter how rough life is, our hearts must always be buoyed by constant praise and gratefulness. When our heart is filled with gratitude and our minds are focused on God, our struggles lose their power over us.

This inspirational wooden sign is a reminder to never lose faith. It is Christmas and miracles happen at Christmas. This wood carved sign is also a wonderful way of thanking a colleague you are grateful for. Spread love and faith with a gift as thoughtful as this.

7. Choose Joy Engraved Wood sign: 

Choose Joy Unique Wood Sign - Wood Art - Engraved Wood Signs Online - Wooden Plaques - Wood Sign Making - Online Wood Store - Best Christmas Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Choose Joy Wood Poster Here

Happiness is a choice. Choose joy every day during good days and bad ones. Don't let the harsh realities of life make you bitter. Take a decision every day to be happy and spread that joy. Stay positive. This wood wall hanging will inspire you to find your happiness. A person exuding positivity has a healing effect on everyone around him. Gift your colleague this impressive carved wooden wall art and inspire him to remain cheerful and joyous always.

8. You Could Rattle The Stars Wood sign: 

You Could Rattle The Stars Wood Online Shop - Wood Products - Wooden Gifts For Christmas - Engraved Wooden Poster - Wall Posters - Carved Wooden Posters - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop You Could Rattle The Stars Wood Sign Here

A motivational wooden sign reminding you of your potential to achieve anything if only you dared to go after it. You can do great things, bring about genuine change if only you set your mind to it. Let this wood sign inspire you to face challenges. After all, you can do anything if only you dared.

Another wonderful gift for your colleague. We all know how stressful work life can get. Remind him of his superpowers and potential to overcome all obstacles with this inspirational wood carved sign.

9. Personalize Your Own Gift: 

Christmas hampers are a great way to make someone feel special during the holiday season. Get a customized Christmas hamper with personalized gifts from Woodgeek Store. Instead of off-the-rack Christmas gifts, gift your friends and family a customized wooden poster, wooden sign, house nameplate, bamboo notebook or wooden phone case engraved with a photo and/or Christmas wishes. You can also gift them a wooden certificate, wooden bow ties, and wood sunglasses & spectacle frames.

 All you need to do for the tag of the Best Secret Santa is to personalize your Christmas gift! You will make the other person feel special with the extra effort you put into their gift. Here are some hassle-free yet fabulous personalized gift ideas for you! 

Certificates Of Recognition - Certificates Of Appreciation - Unique Wood Sign - Customized Wooden Certificate - Engraved Wood Sign - The Wood Company - Wood Sign Online - Best Christmas Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Personalized Best Team Member Wooden Certificate Here

Personalized Wood Sign - Unique Gift Ideas - Engraved Plaques - Wood Shop Online - Best Christmas Gifts - Rustic Wood Signs - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Customized Wood Signs Here

Customized Nameplates - Wooden Nameplates - Engraved Nameplates - Wooden Gift Ideas - Best Christmas Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Customized Nameplates Here

Personalized Wooden Poster - Engraved Wood Poster Online - Wood Art - Wall Poster Online - Hanging Posters - Best Christmas Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore - The Wood Shop

Best Wooden Gift Ideas - Personalized Gifts - Custom Poster - Carved Wooden Posters - Wooden Posters India - Wood Engraved Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Shop Customized Wooden Posters Here

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