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The "Secret Of Marriage" Wood Frame encapsulates the essence of matrimonial bliss. A timeless marriage gift, this exquisitely engraved wooden frame is an emblem of the three foundational pillars that fortify a lifelong partnership: Teamwork, Respect, and Admiration. It offers more than just a decorative piece; it is a profound acknowledgment of a couple's journey and the mutual commitment that cements their union.

The quote engraved on this "Secret Of Marriage" wood frame is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring nature of marriage. It speaks to the foundational values that contribute to a strong and lasting union between two people. "The greatest marriages are built on teamwork, a mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration and a never-ending portion of love and grace." These words eloquently capture the essence of a successful partnership. It's not just about love or attraction, but also about working together as a team, respecting each other's individuality, admiring one another's qualities, and continually nurturing the relationship with love and grace. This frame is a beautiful reminder of these principles, offering an ideal gift for newlyweds or couples celebrating their commitment to one another.

The art of personalization breathes life into this gift, allowing you to inscribe it with the couple's names, a date, or a message that resonates with their unique love story. This bespoke touch transforms the frame from a mere object into a cherished keepsake, celebrating the individuality of each bond.

Crafted from premium wood, the frame's natural beauty and durability make it an ideal heirloom. The richness of the wood grain ensures that each frame is as unique as the love it represents. Available in various sizes, from the intimate 9x6 inch perfect for a bedside table, to the commanding 24x16 inch designed for a statement wall display, there’s a dimension to fit every space and decor.

Ease of purchase is matched by convenience in delivery. With a turnaround time of just 3-5 working days, even last-minute shoppers can find solace in our prompt service. For those seeking to commemorate the bonds of multiple couples within a corporate, family, or friendship group, our bulk order options provide an attractive choice, with discounts of up to 50%.

Whether it's to honor the beginning of a shared life journey or to celebrate the years already treasured, the "Secret Of Marriage" Wood Frame is more than a gift; it's a pledge of enduring love, a nod to the joy found in another's companionship, and a promise to always cherish the laughter and learn from the trials. It's a testament to the secret ingredients that make a marriage not just survive but thrive: Teamwork, Respect, and Admiration.

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  • Thickness: 14 mm thick layered wood panels. 
  • Sizes: 24x16,18x12, 12x8 & 9x6 inches.
  • Weight: 24x16 inch weighs appox 1700-2000gm
  • 18x12 inch poster weighs approx 900 gm - 1.2 kg.
  • 12x8 inch poster weighs approx 500 gm - 700 gm
  • 9x6 inch poster weighs approx 300 gm - 500 gm


- Wooden posters are made from natural wood. Expect variations in colour and wood grain texture. This is the characteristic of wood and makes each poster unique. 
- The thickness may vary by +/- 3 mm for layered wood panels. 
- Sizes may vary by +/- 3 mm for layered wood panels.
- Weight may vary depending upon the moisture content and species of the wood.


How to order a custom wooden poster?

Step 1 - You upload your image and text

Step 2 - We share with you a digital preview via whatsapp/email for your approval

Step 3 - Once design is confirmed, it will be shipped out & delivered within 2-4 working days.

Image guidelines : 
Please upload an unedited, high resolution photo for good quality engraving. We will get in touch with you if the image quality is not good.
Text guidelines : 

You can upload text in any language and we will do the engraving accordingly.

Domestic shipping & delivery (INDIA)
Shipping is free for order value of more than Rs.499.  Orders will be delivered within 2-4 working days,after we ship. You will receive tracking number for your package after the product is shipped out.

International shipping & delivery

We offer international shipping to most countries.The shipping charge is Rs.2500.
Delivery time is about 7-10 working daysYou will receive tracking number for your package after you product is shipped out. 

The recipient is liable to pay any customs duty and local taxes applicable on the product. 

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We will issue a full refund if you request for cancellations before we iniate production of your order. Once production is complete, no refund will be initiated for custom engraved products.

If you receive a broken/damaged product, we will ship out a free replacement.

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