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Bow ties are cool but wooden bow ties are cooler!

Wooden Bow Ties - Woodgeek Store

You've probably looked at James Bond, Bill Nye, Matt Smith and wanted to look as dapper as them in a bow tie. But tying the perfect bow isn't for everybody and the many rules of when and how to wear a bow tie can be intimidating. Fret not! 

Woodgeek Store has taken the seriousness out of the traditional bow tie and recreated it in wood. Once worn only at black tie events and other such formal occasions by men, we have reinvented it with different types of wood as a fun, quirky and stylish gender neutral accessory. After previewing them at flea markets and receiving some great reviews from you, wooden bow ties are finally live on Woodgeek Store.

Black Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Ties - Woodgeek Store

What makes Woodgeek bow ties unique?

Wooden bow ties come in two styles

Classic Bow Tie - Butterfly Shaped Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store

The Classic Bow Tie & The Butterfly Shaped Bow Tie. The classic wooden bow tie is our upgraded version of the bow tie worn with tuxedos at formal events. The butterfly shaped wooden bow tie is a contemporary bow tie that is wider than the classic bow tie. However, both the different styles of wooden bow ties can be worn in formal and casual settings.

Wooden bow ties comes in a variety of wood & colours

Wooden Bow Ties made from different types of wood - Woodgeek Store

Wooden Bow Ties made from different types of wood - Woodgeek Store

The wooden bow ties are made from zebrawood, walnut wood, birch wood, rosewood and a dark stained wood. Unlike what most people believe, wooden bow ties come in more colours than brown! There are red bow ties, white bow ties, black bow ties and striped dark and light brown bow ties along with an earthy brown bow tie.

Wooden bow tie with wooden phone case Woodgeek store

Rosewood lends a natural red tinge to bow ties, which is reminiscent of the burgundy bow tie of Dr. Who. The walnut wood bow ties come in the most beautiful shade of earthy brown with an occasional wavy wood grain making every wooden bow tie one of a kind. The pale creme colour and natural wood grain of the birch wood make the bow ties subtle yet bold. The bold contrasting pattern of the exotic zebrawood bow tie makes it a bow tie worth remembering. The black wooden bow tie is added with a dark stain to give it its dark colour.

Wooden bow ties have interchangeable fabric centers

Wooden Bow Ties for Men & Women - Cool Bow Ties - Woodgeek Store

What truly sets our wooden bow ties apart is the fabric choices that come with it. We give you not one but 3 fabric centers with each bow tie. You can choose 3 fabrics from a variety of 13 fabric centers! The fabrics for the wooden bow tie have a velcro tape which helps in interchanging the fabrics easily.

Wooden bow ties are hassle free

Hassle free bow tie - Easy to wear bow tie - Clip on Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store

We've taken away the hassle of a self-tie bow tie and given you cooler easy-to-wear wooden bow ties. No more worrying about tying a bow on your own! Our wooden bow ties come with an adjustable elastic band. Wooden bow ties also do away with the fear of a droopy bow tie. Thanks to the wood, the bow tie stands upright.

There are no rules to wearing wooden bow ties

Rosewood Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Red Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store

Bow Ties For Women - Wooden Bow Ties - Walnut Wood Bow Tie - Brown Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store

At a time when gender lines are blurred, our wooden bow ties have been reinvented as a gender neutral accessory. Transform your unimaginative formal wear with wooden bow ties or add a fun and quirky detailing to your casual and semi-formal outfits. Wear it with something as simple as jeans and a shirt or pair it with a quirky patterned shirt or checkered shirt. Wear a wood bow tie with suspenders for an old school vibe. Wear it with a denim jacket and coordinated pocket square or a waistcoat. Be remembered as the cool groom who wore a wooden bow tie on his wedding day. Wear it with a shirt dress, a skirt or a more formal outfit with a jacket. There really are no rules to wearing a wooden bow tie.

Woodgeek Wood Bow Ties

Wooden Bow Tie - Brown Bow Tie - Butterfly Shaped Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store


The Deshpande is the ideal wooden bow tie to wear with your wedding tuxedo. Weddings are supposed to be fun & what's more fun than replacing a traditional bow tie with something as quirky as wooden bow ties. This walnut wood bow tie will set your wedding day apart. Groomsmen can wear this bow tie with a waistcoat for a semi-formal look.

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Butterfly Shaped Bow Tie Made of Rosewood - Wooden Bow tie - Red Bow tie - Woodgeek.JPG


The Riba rosewood bow tie is for those who want to make a bold statement. Be sure to turn heads with this wooden bow tie. Rosewood gives this bow tie a natural red tinge and creates a contrasting wave pattern with its unique wood grain. Wear this bow tie casually with a patterned shirt or add a quirky detailing to your formal attire.

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Birch Wood - Wooden Bow Tie - White Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store THE SHERPA

The Sherpa is the most subtle bow tie. The pale white colour and subtle wood grain of birch wood give this bow tie an understated look. This wooden bow tie can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear it with a formal white suit for a wedding or incorporate it in your everyday dressing with smart casuals. Wear this wood bow tie with suspenders to give your outfit an old school vibe.

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Zebrawood Bow Tie - Brown Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Hipster Bow Tie - Woodgeek StoreTHE SODHI
The Sodhi bow tie is the quirkiest of all. The bold contrasting pattern of zebrawood makes this a bow tie worth remembering. Flaunt this wood bow tie and grab eyeballs where ever you go. 
Wear it with a simple shirt to not take away attention from the striking pattern of the striped wood bow tie or go bold with a checkered shirt for a hipster look.

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Rosewood Bow Tie - Red Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Woodgeek StoreTHE MUKHERJEE 
The Mukherjee bow tie is for the intellectuals. Look back at bow tie aficionados - Bill Nye, Churchill, Lincoln - isn't it proof that bow ties are for geniuses? This red bow tie is the perfect addition to smart dressing. This wood bow tie is for the 11th Doctor of Dr. Who who never left his Tardis without a bow tie and said 'bow ties are cool'.

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Wal nut Wood - Brown Bow Tie - Classic Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Woodgeek StoreTHE IYENGAR 
The Iyengar brown wooden bow tie is for traditional wood lovers. This classic walnut wood bow tie comes in an earthy brown shade with an occasional wavy wood grain. This makes every wood bow tie one of a kind. Wear this brown bow tie with a plaid shirt for a hipster look or with shorts & a shirt for a preppy back-to-school look.

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Black Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - Classic Bow Tie - Woodgeek StoreTHE FERNANDES
The Fernandes wooden bow tie is for the dapper men. Dressing for black tie events can be daunting. But you can quirk up your formal outfit with the black wooden bow tie. This black bow tie will transform your outfit from unimaginative to confident while keeping to the tone of the occasion. It can be worn with casual outfits.

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Birch Wood Bow Tie - Classic Bow Tie - Wooden Bow Tie - White Bow Tie - Woodgeek StoreTHE SHAH

The Shah white wood bow tie adds the right amount flair while the wood grain adds a dash of sophistication. This wooden bow tie gives every outfit the right amount of elegance and class while keeping it uniquely fresh. This wooden bow tie can also be paired with a cardigan and shirt for a geeky look and a casual jacket for a dandy look.

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