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The joy of creating something new

The Best Notebooks For Creative People - Wood Journals To Inspire Creativity - Art Journal - Writers Journal - Poets Journal - Fashion Journal - Doodle Journal - Woodgeek Store

There is an inexplicable joy in creating something new, a joy known only to creative people. Sometimes it takes days and months of brainstorming, tons of crumpled papers in the waste bin and sometimes it comes to you just as easy as breathing in the most unlikely places. The satisfaction of giving life to an idea on paper in the form of a poem, story, song, painting or design is unmatched!

A creative mind never sleeps. It is brimming with ideas waiting to become a concrete reality. Everything serves as material for their next piece of art - conversations on the bus, new sights, and sounds. Creative people borrow stories & experiences from people and mix it with their own to create something solely theirs.

Ideas come spontaneously and haphazardly to artists. They need the freedom to chase these ideas and play with them to create something out of it. Artists need a  journal or notebook with them at all times to record their thoughts. There is something about holding a pen on paper that unleashes creativity. The right notebook can inspire their creative juices to flow seamlessly.

The Best Notebooks To Inspire Creativity

Creativity is the greatest form of rebellion in existence - Osho Quotes - Inspirational Notebook for Creatives - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

"Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. If you want to create you have to get rid of all conditionings, otherwise your creativity will be nothing but copying, it will be just a carbon copy." - Osho.

To truly create something, you have to free yourself of all preconceived notions otherwise your mind will trick you into producing a variation of something that's already out there in the world. You can be creative only as an individual, an individual rebelling against mob mentality. This wooden notebook will remind writers, poets, musicians, artists, designers what creativity actually means and inspire them to create something completely original.

1. Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash your creativity - Art Journal - Fashion Journal - Poets Journal - Writer's Notebook - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

This bamboo wood notebook does exactly as it says: unleashes your creativity. Words flow seamlessly only when the pen touches the right kind of paper.

2. A creative mind is rarely tidy

A Creative Mind Is rarely tidy Notebook & Journal - Wooden Notebook for creative people - Woodgeek Store

This quote explains your unorganized desk or room! So the next time you're asked to be more organized, this is the wooden journal to flash at their faces. A creative person's mind is always filled with haphazard ideas that need to be written down before they disappear. We understand how frustrating it is to forget great ideas that come to you. This easy-to-carry sturdy notebook will not let you miss another great idea.

3. Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not - Pablo Picasso Quotes - Bamboo Notebooks for Artists - Art Journal - Woodgeek Store

Take inspiration from Pablo Picasso. All great men became great because they questioned the unquestionable and because they had the courage to stand apart from everyone in their thoughts and work. Let this creativity journal inspire you to create fresh original content in terms of your next poem, story, sketch, painting or music.

The Best Art Journals For Artists

Best Art Journals for Artists - Personalized Notebooks - Wooden Notebooks - Woodgeek Store

An art journal is simply a notebook that lets you combine art and words to express yourself. It is your safe haven to draw, sketch, doodle and jot down ideas that eventually help you come up with your next best art. Artists through the centuries have kept notebooks in which they sketched, practiced, experimented, and recorded themselves. Vincent vanGogh, Picasso, and DaVinci all kept a notebook for art. So you're are in good company!

It is your safe haven to draw, sketch, doodle and jot down ideas that eventually help you come up with your next best art.

Here are some of the best art journals made of bamboo wood that will inspire you every day and let your thoughts and ideas flow freely. The paper quality of Woodgeek art journals is great. There is no bleeding of inks or ghosting. It is smooth and suitable for sketching and doodling.

4. Art heals wounds and helps escape endless pain. Art is our only salvation.

Wooden Notebook for Artists - Art is our only salvation - Art Notebook & Journal - Woodgeek Store

Create art out of tragedy. Art heals. An artist can only create from who they are. It is, after all, all they have. If they know tragedy, then that experience undoubtedly affects their art. Art saves us from ourselves. Let this wooden artist's notebook inspire you to channel your sorrow to create something beautiful. 

5. Art is what you can get away with

Art is what you can get away with - Art Journal - Notebook for artists - Woodgeek Store

Art is beyond definitions. What may seem absurd to someone could be art to you and if Andy Warhol says it, you believe him. This personalized art notebook will remind you to create art without worrying about what others have to say about it. 

6. Make Art Not War

Make art not war -  Art Journal - Bamboo Notebooks for Artists - Woodgeek Store

This anti-war slogan makes so much sense even today. Spend your energy making something beautiful and positive rather than focusing on destruction and devastation. Art makes life worth living. Let this art journal remind you to spread positivity and beauty with your art. 

7. If art does not make us better, then what on earth is it for?

Art makes us better - Wooden Notebook & Journal for artists - Art Journal - Woodgeek Store

Art is powerful. It has the power to change the world to be better for ourselves and for others. It has the power to move and transform us. Art exists to make us better humans. The perfect art journal should remind you every day that your art is making the world a better place.

8. A Bamboo Notebook For Doodlers

Personalized Doodle Journal With Your Own Doodle - Art Journal for Artists - Woodgeek Store

A doodle journal needs to be compact and sturdy enough to take with you everywhere. Doodle all your ideas on this art journal the moment they occur to you no matter where you are.  

9. Personalized Art Journal Engraved With Your Art 

Personalized Art Journal With Your Own Art - Doodle Journal for Artists - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

How cool would it be to carry an art journal engraved with your own artwork? Woodgeek Store makes it possible to own an art journal personalized just for you with your own piece of art. 

The Best Poetry Notebooks & Writer's Journals

The Best Writing Journal for Writers & Poets - Bamboo Notebooks - Woodgeek Store

A notebook is a writer's and poet's best friend. It gives life to the formless thoughts in your mind. Keeping a poetry journal or writer's journal with you at all the time lets you write down every idea the minute the occur to you. Only when ideas have physical permanence can you build upon it to take the story further. Notebooks can be a dumping ground for your thoughts so you can pick and choose what to work on later. Putting down your thoughts on paper will allow you to look at them from a different perspective, helping you spot flaws. 

Notebooks let you cross out words, revise them, find them again. No one said it is easy to come up with your next best story or poem, but a maintaining a writer's notebook makes the process a lot easier. 

10. Nothing heals better than words.

Nothing heals better than words - Bamboo Notebook for writers and poets - Writing Notebook - Poets Journal - Woodgeek - Store

Writing is therapeutic. You may find the answer to life's problems amidst the scribbles of your notebook. Writing helps you gain perspective and clarity. Let this bamboo wood notebook for poets and writers remind you that you will always have your words to go back to.

11. Make Art With Words

Make art with words - Writing Journal for writers and poets - Poetry Journal - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

Art is what you want it t be. It goes above and beyond paintings and sketches. This wooden notebook is perfect for writers and poets who are creating art with their words.

12. Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.

Harry Potter Notebook - Harry Potter Quotes - Writers Notebook - Journal for Poets - Woodgeek Store

Professor Albus Dumbledore of Harry Potter is the person to go to for some words of wisdom. Your words are powerful and magical. It can hurt or heal so choose yours carefully. Use this power of words to write a beautiful story or poem and let this wood journal for writers and poets help you in the process.

13. You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have to say something.

You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have to say something - Fitzgerald Quotes - Writing Notebook - Journal for writers and poets - Woodgeek Store

As Fitzgerald says writers write not because they want to. It isn't a choice, writing is something they have to do. Writers and poets know no other way. Writing is intrinsic to their identity. They need to write like they need to breathe and to eat. This writing journal or poetry journal will help you get through a writer's block by reminding you why you write.

14. A Personalized Notebook Engraved With Your Own Poem

A Personalized Notebook Engraved With Your Own Poem - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

You've seen book covers with quotes or poems by famous writers. What if I told you that you could do it too? Get your writing journal engraved with a poem written by you! It is the best feeling in the world, trust me.

The Best Fashion Notebooks & Journals for Designers & Fashion Lovers

The best fashion journal for designers & fashion lovers for fashion illustrations - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

The inspiration for your next garment or design can come from anywhere - nature, people in the streets or just about anything. At such times, it is important to have a fashion notebook to doodle, illustrate on or write before you forget about it. Woodgeek fashion notebooks are perfect for creating fashion illustrations and sketching and they're compact enough to be carried everywhere. Here are some of the best fashion notebooks: 

15. Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life - Bill Cunningham Quotes - Fashion Journal - Notebook for Designers - Woodgeek Store

As Bill Cunningham says fashion isn't a frivolity that can be done away with. It is an armour that helps us survive the drudgery of everyday life. Fashion is art. It is a way of expressing yourself without words. It has the power to lift your spirits on a bad day. This wooden fashion notebook is for every fashion lover and is also perfect for designers for sketching and fashion illustrations.  

16. A Personalized Fashion Journal Engraved With Your Own Design

Design Journal for fashion designers - Doodle Journal - Notebook for fashion lovers - Wooden notebook - Woodgeek Store

Design your own fashion journal! You know what sparks your creativity best. That is why Woodgeek Store lets you personalize your fashion journal to suit your needs. Engrave your own design on our wooden fashion journal to make it your own! 

Create your own personalized journal

Like one of the quotes above or want to design your own art, poetry, writing, fashion or design journal? Here's how to order your very own personalized notebook!

Customize Your Own Wooden Notebook for artists, writers, poets & designers - Woodgeek Store

Upload the image and/or text you want to be engraved on your personalized notebook and a design mock-up of the same will be sent to you within 3-4 days. Once you approve the design, your custom engraved journal is shipped out the next day.

Select a prepaid payment method - pay via debit card, credit card or net banking. 

Payment Process at Woodgeek Store

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