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If the Gods roamed the earth today, Shiva would probably be the one with the largest Instagram following! He isn't your stereotypical God clad in fancy clothes and jewellery capable of no wrong. Shiva is a rule breaker, The Destroyer of the Universe, with an anger to watch out for.

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This cool God has managed to strike a chord with us millennials. The present generation is drawn to the urbane idea of Shiva. He epitomizes all the hip things our generation is fascinated by. Whether a devotee or not, we are definitely his fans. And why wouldn't we be? This frenzy for Shiva is not for nothing! 

1. The Yogi

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The idea of yoga originated with Shiva. He is known as Adiyogi, which literally means the first yogi. Imagine yoga classes from the first yogi!

2. The God with six pack abs

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A bare bodied God sporting six-pack abs and biceps covered merely by tiger skin. Shiva didn't need an overpriced gym with fancy machines for that hot bod.

 3. The Fashion Guru

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If a dreadlock and rudraksha sporting God ain't fashionable, I don't know what is. Men grow your hair and matte them already! Make a style statement with a rudraksha along with a trident. Shiva definitely makes for a stylish diety.

4. Shiva is super scooper cool

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The coolest God literally and figuratively. The Mahadeva lives on the tallest peaks of the nippy Himalayas and has a river flowing from his head. That is what probably keeps him cool. He meditates most of the time, minds his own business and is calm and composed. But all hell breaks loose when he opens his third eye. 

5. The God of Dance 

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Here's a God of many talents. Shiva in his dancing form Nataraja performs the tandava simultaneously destroying the world to rid it of all evil and paving the way for its recreation.

 6. A Feminist God

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Shiva believed in equality of the sexes long before the word feminism was added to our vocabulary. His androgynous form, Ardhanarishvara, is depicted as half male and half female. It shows that the masculine energy and feminine energy are opposing yet complementary forces of the universe.

7. A Cannabis smoking God 

Lord Shiva smoking weed - Cannabis Smoking God - Marijuana - Mahadeva Smoking Ganja - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

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There is no denying that this is one of the main reasons for Shiva's popularity with the youth. Marijuana is one of the primary offerings in the worship of Shiva. People smoke weed in a chillum and drink bhang on Shivratri. Pujas can be boring, but Shiv Puja? Never.

8. Shiva is a loyal and loving partner

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Shiva completely destroys the notion that it is cool to be a bad boy. He is a one-woman man, a rebel in love. He marries Sati against the wishes of her parents because he was in love and had the strength of mind to stand up for that love. He is an utter gentleman who treats his wife as an equal. A real man right there! 

After Sati's death, a grief-stricken Shiva carries her around the world - bringing all creation to a standstill until Lord Vishnu helps restore balance in the Universe. That is the kind of strong, pure love we all deserve.

9. Shiva has the coolest ride ever!

Lord Shiva On Nandi The Bull - Mahadeva Vehicle - Hindu Mythology - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Your fancy cars and bikes will pale in comparison to Shiva's vahana, Nandi!

10. A truly liberal God

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Lord Shiva does not discriminate. Whether you are the devil incarnate or an angel, rich or poor, everyone can worship Shiva. He sees good in every living being, even in the Asuras.He is appeased easily and accepts everything in offering - liquor, marijuana or milk!

 We know you're a Shiv Bhakt if you've reached the end of this post. Here's a wooden poster of our favorite God!

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Sulagna Deb
Sulagna Deb

November 14, 2018

This such a fresh take on Shiva ! Loved it so much, amazingly written. Who is this lady, Damini Chatterjee ?! I think she deserves a promotion ! :P

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