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Celebrating Kali Puja & Diwali, the festival of lights

It is festival time across India this weekend and we are celebrating both Kali Puja and Diwali.

Religious Hindu  Goddess Kali Maa Kali Puja Gift Wooden Wall art Woodgeek

In the east, Bengalis, Odias, and Assamese honour the Hindu Goddess Kali while the rest of the country celebrates the festival of lights, Deepavali. 

The story of Kali Mata and a unique engraved Kali Puja gift 

During Kali puja we honor the goddess Kali by offering Rakta Chandan
(red Sandalwood) and Jaba Phool. Goddess Kali often referred to as divine mother or Maa Kali, is a destroyer of evil, she is the embodiment of strength (shakti) and grants moksha (liberation) to those who are devoted to her.

Religious Hindu Goddess Kali Mata Kali Puja Gift Wooden Wall art Woodgeek

At Woodgeek, we pay tribute to the Hindu Goddess Kali through this intricately designed wall art. Kali Pujo and the story of Maa Kali stresses the importance of bhakti (devotion), shakti (strength) and moksha (liberation).  This 18x12 inches wooden wall art is made from exotic teak and is a perfect gift for Kali Puja. Whether you are a bhakt or an occasional devotee this a spiritual gift for all those who live under the protection of the Hindu goddess.   

This is a part of our upcoming wooden wall art product line and will be available soon. 

Subho kali puja Happy kali puja custom engraved wall art woodegek

Goddess Kali Hindu religious gift custom wooden engraving Happy Kali Puja kali Puja gift

Diwali or Deepavali is celebrated across most of northern and western India. It is a popularly known as the festival of lights. Families gather to light diyas, fireworks light up the sky and laddoos bring joy to all.

Subh deepavali happy diwali custom engraved wooden notebook diwali gift for husband wife friends corporate gift

Celebrating the joy of exchanging Diwali gifts  

Diwali shopping has been a long tradition of buying and exchanging gifts among friends and families. Online marketplaces have cashed in on this time honoured tradition to offer discounts and shopping festivals for Diwali sales. But in this diwali gift shopping frenzy the personal nature of buying and exchanging gifts has been lost.

If you are looking for diwali gift ideas,, then at the Woodgeek store, we have created a unique wooden notebook made from bamboo panels which can be engraved with a person's name or any custom text to make your diwali giftpersonal and heart felt. If you are tiered of the cookie clutter generic gifts sold at online marketplaces and are looking for a gift set for diwali, then our custom engraved bamboo notebook and bamboo pen is just right for you. This unique Diwali gift hamper will include a wooden notebook, a wooden pen and a chic jute pouch. The wooden notebook and wooden pen can be engraved with any custom text for free.  

A personal engraved Diwali gift for a husband, wife, friends or family. 

Our bamboo notebooks can also be custom engraved with a picture. If you are looking for a special gift for your husband or wife, you can engrave a photo of your spouse on our wooden notebook. 

Custom engraved diwali corporate gifts for clients 

If you are looking for Diwali gift ideas for your clients look no further than our custom engraved bamboo notebooks. You can engrave your clients name for a personal Diwali corporate gift like no other.

Spread festive cheer among the less fortunate.

Kali Puja and Diwali are festivals that spread joy and bring families together. In these happy times we must also remember the less fortunate who do not have the means to buy new clothes or enjoy a good meal. So this festive season, spare a thought for them and be sure to spread the festive cheer by buying clothes and food to those who need it more than us.    

Religious gifts, Hindu gifts, Gifts for religious people, Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses. 

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Uma Bosher

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Are you still carrying Kali maa items..

And what’s the price in usd

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