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Men are the worst gift givers, especially when it comes to their girlfriends and wives. Whether trying to make up after a fight or just expressing love for her, skip the flowers and chocolates if you don't want them hurled back at you. At the Woodgeek Store, we help you create the perfect personalized gift for your girlfriend. After all, the gift has to be as special as the person.

The Best Romantic Gifts To Woo Your Girlfriend

Here is how you can score brownie points with romantic wooden personalized gifts for her.

1) A Heart Shaped Poster Engraved With A Photo And Love Note For Her

You know you messed up and it's time to plan big romantic gestures to win her back. Gift her a heart-shaped wooden picture frame custom engraved with a beautiful photo of the two of you and a special love note. Making up after a lover's tiff with a special personalized gift like this will definitely be appreciated.

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Is the heart-shaped wooden photo frame too cheesy for you? You can also engrave the picture on a rectangular or circular wooden frame.

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2) A Personalized Notebook Engraved With A Photo Of Her

What better way to say it than a wood notebook with a photo. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a famous love quote to go with the picture, engrave your names in wood or add a personal message. A wood notebook with her photo makes the best personalized gift for her! 

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3) A Photo Engraved Wood Sign 

If your partner is not someone who can be appeased easily, we have the perfect gift to woo your girlfriend. A photoengraved wood sign! Wooden signs add style to your room and make for great decor. Add a personal touch to them by engraving a picture with a romantic quote on it and watch even the most unrelenting girlfriend surrender to your love. 

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4) A Custom Wood iPhone Case Engraved With A Photo 

Nothing will make your girlfriend happier than a picture of her or the two of you engraved on a wooden phone case along with a short romantic text or your names engraved on wood. It's a thoughtful and intimate gift. 

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5) Couple Name Plates, Hanging Wood Signs & Customized Crossword Wall Art

If she loves all things home decor, we have the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Gift her a couple nameplate or hanging sign engraved with your names and the date you met to decorate the walls of her room.  

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Customized crossword blocks engraved with your initials will also make for a sweet romantic gift to win her back. Wooden crosswords are a cool way to add fun to the walls. This is sure to turn that angry face into a happy one.

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6) Gift Her A Wooden Present Engraved With A Photo Of Her Favourite Celebrity or Quote

Women love when their partners actually remember things they like or say. Do you know that sportsperson or actor she is a fan of? Gift her an iPhone case, wooden poster, notebook or wood sign personalized with a photo of her favourite celebrity. What about her all-time favourite movie or book? Gift your girlfriend a wooden gift engraved with a favourite quote from the movie or book. A personalized gift as special as this will surely hit the right chord and make her realize how strong your love is for her. 

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7) Engrave personal love notes on wooden gifts

One can never go wrong with love notes. Express your emotions with a

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  • Custom engraved wooden love letter

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  • Wooden love signs

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It doesn't get more romantic than personal love notes. Handwritten notes are passe. Engrave a personal love note on our bamboo notebook or wooden phone case. Gift your girlfriend a love letter engraved on a wooden poster or wood sign. Not great with words? Say it with a love quote. Find a quote that expresses your feelings best and get it engraved by us. You can also choose something already on  Woodgeek Storeand engrave it your names.

8) Engrave names on wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses

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The days of lovers' names and initials on tree barks may be over, but we could still engrave your names on our personalized wooden notebooks & pens, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses. We make the best kind of custom engraved wooden gifts. 

    9) Engrave Your Love In Another Language

    Say it in another language. Somethings only sound right in a certain language and we wouldn't want your love note to get lost in translation. Engrave your love messages in any language - Hindi, French, Spanish, Kannada - on custom wood notebookswooden phone caseswooden posters or any other product. This is the best customized gift for the love of your life. 

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    10) Tell your girlfriend she is the best with fun award certificates

    How do you convince your angry girlfriend that you love her? Give her a custom award certificate certifying she is the best girlfriend in the world. An adorable way of asking her to let bygones be bygones is to gift her these wooden token of love.

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    The best relationships are the ones in which you can laugh together about the silliest things. Celebrate the quirks of your best girl with funny certificates. Is she always fashionably late? Gift her this funny Late Kate certificate to remind her that no matter how big the fight, what matters most is you love each other through the good and the bad. 

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    Shop Wooden Funny Award Certificate Here

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