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Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with name engraving - Woodgeek Store

Choose from a variety of unique corporate gifts and promotional gifts for your business clients or employees from Woodgeek StoreWoodgeek Store has the best personalised corporate gifts ranging from bamboo notebooks to wooden iPhone cases to wooden sunglasses and spectacle frames, which can all be personalized to your liking with an image and/or text.

Corporate gifts like calendars, pen drives, paperweights with a company logo are forgotten the minute you give them to your client. They either end up collecting dust somewhere or in the trash. A drab and generic corporate gift will never promote your brand well. Stand out in the rut of boring corporate gifts with personalized corporate gifts for clients and employees.

We have made corporate gifts for some of the biggest companies in the manufacturing, consulting, retail and social sector. Here are some corporate gift ideas for you!

Woodgeek Customized Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift Basket for Archidply - Customized Wooden Notebooks & Personalized Wood Sunglasses for leading plywood manufacturers

Corporate Gifts - Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Personalized Wooden Notebooks - Promotional Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Corporate Gifts - Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Personalized Wooden Notebooks - Promotional Gifts - Woodgeek Store
<img src="//" alt="Corporate Gifts - Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Personalized Wooden Notebooks - Promotional Gifts - Woodgeek Store" />
Archidply Industries Limitedis a leading plywood manufacturing company that makes plywoods, shuttering plywoods, pre-laminated board, block board flush door, decorative laminates, and veneers. Archidply placed an order for wooden notebooks and wooden sunglasses engraved with a product name - bon vivant. Bon Vivant is Archidply's new line of decorative veneers. For corporate gifts that won't get tossed in the trash can, shop unique wooden corporate gifts from Woodgeek Store. Our products can be customized with any image or text and thus make unconventional corporate gifts. Gift your client or employees wooden sunglasseswooden pens or wooden notebooks engraved with your company logo, name, slogan or even a new product name! 
Wooden Corporate Gifts for FSD Building Materials Pvt. Ltd - Personalised iPhone 7 wood cases for a Spanish timber company

Corporate Gifts - Personalised Wooden iPhone 7 case with Company Logo - Woodgeek Store

Farouk Sodagar Darvesh Building Materials Pvt. Ltd. deals in timber, plywood, panel, steel, cement, glass and all kinds of building, construction and infrastructure materials. FSD ordered personalized iPhone 7 cases for a Spanish timber company Chapas Y Maderas Bardisa SL and plywood and veneer distributors Chapas y Maderas Jose Maria Ribas SA as promotional gifts. A wooden phone case is a unique corporate gift in itself. Gift your clients a personalized iPhone case with their company logo. This not only makes for an extraordinary corporate gift that will leave a lasting impression on your clients but will surely impress them.


Personalized Business Gifts for Boxed Water Is Better - Custom zebrawood sunglasses for a sustainable water company in America

Custom Zebrawood Wooden Sunglasses for Boxed Water Is Better - Corporate Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Custom Zebrawood Wooden Sunglasses for Boxed Water Is Better - Corporate Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Boxed Water Is Better is a sustainable water company based in Michigan, USA. They sell water in recyclable eco-friendly boxes instead of plastic bottles. They have also undertaken a project called the ReTree Project as a part of which they will be planting a million trees in U.S. forests over five years.

This sustainable company placed a bulk order for zebrawood sunglasses engraved with their project name #ReTree. Our wooden sunglasses come with a bamboo box which was personalized with their company name Boxed Water. Looking for unique corporate gifts? Go beyond notebooks with your company logo and get custom wood sunglasses instead. Your clients are sure to appreciate an unconventional gift!


Unique Promotional Gifts for GLSEN - Personalized Bamboo Notebooks for a social organization working for LGBTQ students in America

GLSEN is an organization fighting to ensure safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ students in America. Most LGBTQ students are harassed at school because of who they are. The organization is working towards helping these bullied students. They believe that every student, in every school, should be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. All students deserve a safe and affirming school environment where they can learn and grow.

The customized wooden notebooks ordered by GLSEN symbolized their belief that people can work together and use their collective voices to bring about a change in policy to help create a safe environment for LGBTQ students.


Promotional Business Gifts for International Justice Mission - Custom Wood Journals with fearless Tagore quote for a social organization

Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with Tagore quote for International Justice Mission - Where the mind is without fear - Woodgeek Store

It is only appropriate that a social organization like International Justice Mission (Kolkata Chapter) fighting for trafficked women and children engrave Tagore's 'Where the mind is without fear' on custom wood journals. Looking for uncommon corporate gifts, engrave the idea behind your brand on our customized wood journals along with your organization name.


Corporate Gifts With Company Logo for Bain & Company - Logo Engraved Wooden Notebooks for a global management consultancy firm

Bain & Company is a global management consulting firm. It is one of the Big Three strategy consulting firms. It provides advisory services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governments. 

Bain & Company kept it simple with their corporate gift. They ordered bamboo wood journals engraved with their logo and company name. The wooden notebooks come with a bamboo pen which was also customized with the Bain & Company logo and company name. Keep your corporate gift simple and unique with custom wooden notebooks engraved with your company logo and name like Bain & Company.


Wholesale Corporate Gifts for Odessa Technologies  - Logo Engraved Journals for a leading software company

Odessa Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions. It provides the most advanced leasing solutions available anywhere to help businesses meet the challenges of an ever-evolving leasing environment. 

For their corporate bulk order, Odessa Technologies opted for personalized bamboo notebooks engraved with their company name. The bamboo pens were also engraved with their company name. 


Logo Engraved Corporate Gifts for Threadsol - Personalized Notebooks With Logo for a software company

ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd. provides innovative solutions that help manufacturers in material management. ThreadSol's software enables manufacturers to reduce material usage and hence production cost. Threadsol ordered personalized notebooks in bulk for corporate gifting with their company name engraved on it. 


Personalized Business Gifts for LinkedIn - Wood Notebooks Engraved with Company Name for a social networking site

Corporate Gifts - Bulk Notebook - Promotional Gifts - Wooden Notebooks - Personalized Notebooks for LinkedIn - Woodgeek Store

LinkedIn is an employment and business-oriented social networking site. As a part of their corporate gifts, LinkedIn ordered simple bamboo wooden notebooks. They personalized the bamboo journals only with their company name.


Corporate Gifts for Adidas - Bulk spiral notebooks personalized with brand and employee name for leading sportswear manufacturers

Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal for Adidas - Woodgeek Store

Adidas is one of the world's largest sportswear manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. 

The sportswear brand engraved the catchline 'my future is shaped by me' for their futuristic tubular sneakers on bamboo wood notebooks along with their company name and logo. They also added a personal touch to their corporate gift by adding the name of the client or employee.

Make your corporate gift stand out by engraving the name of your client or employee along with your brand name. At the Woodgeek Store, we engrave customer or client names even for bulk orders. This will make a lasting impression on your clients.


Personalized Corporate Gifts for Raymond-Uco Denim - Customized dandelion notebook for leading manufacturers

Corporate Gifts for Raymond from Woodgeek Store

Raymond UCO Denim Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Raymond and with European denim major, UCO NV. This denim powerhouse manufactures and markets denim fabrics.

The denim company selected our dandelion art notebook as corporate gifts for their Spring-Summer conference. Create one-of-a-kind corporate gifts with a symbolic image along with your company name engraved on our wooden notebooks.


Corporate Gift for Torrent Traders - Custom engraved personalized diaries for a manufacturing company

Torrent Traders is a reputed manufacturer of safety products for your hands like surgical gloves, for your face like different types of masks and for your feet like safety shoes.

Torrent Traders ordered customized bamboo notebooks engraved with their logo, company name, and slogan 'We are the key to your safety'.


Promotional Corporate Gifts for Broadridge Financial Solutions - Unique customized bamboo journals for a fintech company

Custom Corporate Gifts - Logo engraved Notebooks - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. is a global fintech company that provides investor communications and technology-driven solutions for the financial services industry.

This financial servicing company personalized wooden notebooks with a unique slogan 'wear the broad smile' along with their company name and logo for their corporate order. The bamboo pen was engraved with the company name. Add your company slogan or any other text along with your company name and logo on our wooden notebook. Our corporate gifts can be customized the way you want.


Personalised Business gifts for Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotels - Tea lover custom bamboo journal for a tea plantation retreat

Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal for tea lovers - Woodgeek Store

Glenburn is a tea plantation retreat that lies on a hillock overlooked by the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain range in Darjeeling. The tea estate and boutique hotel provides a tea estate experience for tourists interested in knowing about their tea. 

For their corporate gift order, Glenburn Tea Estate decided to go notebooks with company names. We engraved the perfect tea lover quote on our bamboo journals for Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique HotelsWhat better way to impress a client or customer than a unique wooden notebook engraved with a tea quote from a tea estate!


Corporate Gifts for Conferences - Eco-friendly bamboo notebooks in bulk for Maharashtra Govt.'s Earth Day Conference

Corporate Gifts - Custom Earth Day Bamboo Notebooks - Woodgeek Store

The best gift for Earth Day? A bamboo journal. Vagabond Creations ordered our bamboo journals in bulk for an Earth Day Conference for the Maharashtra government engraved with the conference title.


Wholesale Corporate Gifts for Colleges - Personalized Notebooks for Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering

Customized notebooks for college reunions - Wooden Notebooks - Corporate Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Personalized notebooks for college reunions - Wooden notebooks - Corporate Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Personalized notebooks for college reunions - Wooden notebooks - Corporate Gifts - Woodgeek Store

College reunions are a walk down memory lane to the fun you had, the mischiefs you did during your college days and to create new memories with old friends. You will obviously need a special gift to commemorate this special occasion and what better than a personalized bamboo notebook to show to the world that you belong to that particular institute? 

Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering (AMACE) is a top engineering college in Tamil Nadu, India. The alumni ordered wooden notebooks in bulk for their college reunion.


Wholesale Corporate Gifts for Colleges - Personalized Notebooks for IIT Kharagpur

Bulk Order - Custom bamboo journals for IIT Kharagpur - Woodgeek Store

IIT Kharagpur is most premium engineering institute in India. Woodgeek Store has provided bamboo notebooks in bulk to them for the institute's spring fest and 14th Annual Alumni Meet.


Corporate Gifts for Rugs Manufacturers - Promoting 'Make in India' withpersonalised notebooks forRugs in Style

Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal for Rugs in Style - Woodgeek Store

Rugs in Style is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of rugs and carpets. The rug manufacturers decided to promote the concept of 'Make in India' with their corporate gift. They personalized wood journals with an image of a person making rugs in India on a handloom with the slogan 'Making in India, Flooring the World'.


Promotional Business Gifts - Custom travel journals for Prefect Hydraulics

Corporate gifts - Custom engraved notebook for Prefect Hydraulics - Wood Journal - Woodgeek Store

Prefect Hydraulics is a leading exporter, manufacturer & supplier of hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cylinders, electrical control panels from Bengaluru, India.

They selected our favourite travel notebook 'We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong' and engraved it with their company name.

A corporate gift package for your special clients

Corporate gifts don't have to dull and boring. Gift your clients a fun corporate gift package from Woodgeek Store - a custom made bamboo journal, a personalised iPhone case and customised wooden sunglasses or spectacle frames engraved with your company name and logo and your client's name. It is a gift they will truly appreciate and may be promote your brand in return.

Corporate gift package - Personalised wooden gifts - Woodgeek Store

Other than corporate gifts, we also take bulk orders for all occasions like weddings, school or college events, birthdays and more.

Custom notebooks for students or employees

Corporate Bulk Orders - Custom wood journal with name engraving - Woodgeek Store

The first thing an employee receives when he joins a new company is a diary. So why not replace the regular drab diary with a personalized notebook engraved with their name to motivate them? Students cannot go through college or school without a notebook. An uber cool bamboo notebook customized with a name will keep students happy. Whether you need a thank you gift for your employees or students or something to gift them during the holiday season, our bamboo notebook engraved with their name adds a personal touch to corporate gifts.

Custom Bamboo Journals as Birthday Return Gifts for friends

Return Gift for Birthdays - Custom wood friendship journal - Woodgeek Store

Why buy corporate gifts from Woodgeek Store?

1. Our corporate gifts are made of wood.

Everything at the Woodgeek Store is made of wood. That makes them unique in itself. No two bamboo notebooks, wooden sunglasses or wooden phone cases are the same because of the wood grain texture.


2. We let you personalize your corporate gift the way you want.

We can customize the wooden notebooks and wooden phone cases with any image or text - your company logo, name and client names. Our wooden sunglasses and its bamboo box can also be customized with text of your choice.


3. We offer the best wholesale prices.

We take bulk orders for all our wooden products and offer wholesale prices for bulk orders!



4. We're sustainable and durable! 

Our wooden notebooks are made of bamboo. So they're eco-friendly! Since all our products are made of wood, they are strong and last forever.



For bulk orders, email us at

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