Welcome to the Woodgeek store.

Hello World! 
The Woodgeek store is live and open for business. We present our collections of bamboo notebooks, bamboo sunglasses and wooden phone cases.
Browse through our bamboo notebook designs which have been laser engraved with inspirational, travel and other personalised quotes. We will be adding more designs for our notebooks soon. Send in your suggestions for designs on any specific subjects or themes and we will feature a select few to our collection.
Our wooden phone cases are made using premium wooden veneer and a strong polycarbonate case. You can choose from a mix of simple wooden designs, engraved patterns or contrasting inlays. 
Our bamboo sunglasses are light and eco friendly. We are introducing three models, the Retro, the Journeyman and the Biker. All our sunglasses come with polarised lens, microfiber pouch and a chic bamboo box. 
We are working on adding a customize field for the notebooks and phone cases so you can have truly personal products.
Send in your feedback and suggestions to hello@woodgeekstore.com

Saikat Saha
Saikat Saha


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