by Sayantani Saha June 20, 2017

Wedding Bow Ties - Bow Ties for Groom & Groomsmen - Wooden Bow Ties - Woodgeek StoreYou're the chosen one, the one responsible for saving the wedding day if things go wrong. You will calm the groom's pre-wedding jitters and stand beside him while he takes his marriage vows. You will do all of this and more while making sure you and the groomsmen look effortlessly dapper. 

The best man and his entourage of groomsmen are the most important members of a wedding party and should look, well, their best.

While it may not be easy to go crazy with the wedding day outfit, it being your friend's wedding and all that, you can definitely play around with the accessories. Bow ties add an elegant old world charm to a wedding and wooden bow ties will add a cool quotient to your wedding attire.

Wooden Bow Ties - Bow ties for Weddings - Grooms & Groomsmen Bow Ties - Woodgeek Store

It is the perfect choice for groomsmen who wants to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Wooden bow ties will set you apart on your friend's wedding day. Impress the bridesmaids and be remembered as groomsmen who wore cool wooden bow ties. A wooden bow tie adds a fun and quirky detailing to every outfit, whether you go for a classic tuxedo look, semi-formal or a casual look.

Not sure how to add this cool accessory to your groom's or groomsmen's outfits? Here are some of our favourite ways to wear a wooden bow tie at weddings:

A Classic Wedding: Tuxedo & Wood Bow Tie

How to wear a wooden bow tie at a wedding - Groomsmen's Bow Ties - Groom's Bow Ties - Wedding Bow Ties - Woodgeek Store

Keep it classy in a black tuxedo, crisp white tuxedo shirt, polished black shoes and a stained black wood bow tie. Weddings are supposed to be fun and what's more fun than replacing a drab traditional bow tie with something as quirky as a wooden bow tie! Wedding accessories can make or break your outfit. Look your snazzy best at your buddy's wedding in a wooden bow tie. 

A Hipster Wedding: Wood Bow Ties & Suspenders

Hipster Wedding - Wooden Bow Tie - Red Bow Tie - Wedding Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store

Gone are the days of boring plain suits and predictable attire for the best man & groomsmen! These are the days of fancy bow ties and suspenders. By fancy bow ties, we obviously mean wooden bow ties from Woodgeek Store. Skip the suit or tux and wear this rosewood butterfly bow tie with suspenders! 

An Offbeat Wedding: Waistcoat & Wood Bow Ties

Wedding Bow Ties - Wooden Bow Ties - Brown Bow ties - Bow ties for Grooms & Groomsmen - Woodgeek Store

A groomsman's role is to ensure the wedding goes on without any hitches and look good while doing it. Skip the suit and wear a waistcoat with a wooden bow tie to look your best while saving the day at the wedding. Make a statement by wearing a pocket square in the breast pocket of your waistcoat, add a wooden bow tie and go sans the jacket! Every small detail counts. 

A Modern Wedding: Mismatched Suits & Matched Wooden Bow Ties

Wedding Trends - Wooden Bow Tie - wedding Bow Tie - Bow Tie for Grooms & Groomsmen

Your groomsmen have different personalities so why should they look like a clone of each other on your wedding day? Let your groomsmen's individuality shine through in suits of their choice. Mismatched suits are the new wedding trend. Keep their suits mismatched but their accessories the same. Get your groomsmen and the groom to sport the same wooden bow tie. You will be marrying the coolest man with even cooler friends!

Sayantani Saha
Sayantani Saha

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