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   A Guide To The Most Unusual And Quirky Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gifts - Surprise your mother with breakfast and personalized wooden notebook - Woodgeek Store

We grow up not wanting to leave her side to resenting her rules and advice to realizing that mothers are always right. But she loves you the same when you cling on to her as a child, when you go against everything she says as a teenager and when you finally understand her love. 

Mothers are our one constant love in this world. She loves you without judgment with all your shortcomings. She deserves love and appreciation every day of the year but why not use the one special day dedicated to her to give her something she really wants. This Mother's Day, give her your time. Spend the day with her doing what she likes! Give her a personalized gift that will put a smile on her face. We help you plan a special day for your mother. 

Surprise Mom With Breakfast

Mothers are the reason we eat breakfast. Do you remember your mother making sure that you eat something before you run off to school? It's time you make her some homemade breakfast even if it's as simple as eggs on toast. You know she'll love it anyway!

3 Easy Recipes To Impress Mom on Mother's Day

Nutella French Bread Rolls


Celebrations call for something sweet and when it is as easy and hassle-free to make as Nutella French Toast roll ups, there's nothing like it! 

What you need: 

  • 1. Bread
  • 2. Nutella
  • 3. Strawberries cut into small pieces
  • 4. One Egg
  • 5. Two tbsp milk
  • 6. A pinch of salt
  • 7. One tbsp butter
  • 8. Cinnamon powder
  • 9. Sugar

Cut off the sides of the bread and roll it flat using a rolling pin. Spread Nutella on it and some strawberry pieces. You can skip the strawberries or replace them with another fruit. Heat the cube of butter in a non-stick pan. Beat the egg, milk, and salt together. Dip each bread roll in the egg mixture and place it on the pan. Fry till they are golden brownish. Remove and roll it in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon powder.

Eggs on a Toast of Love

Nothing says I love you, Mom better than a bread toast with a heart shaped egg in it! Cut out any shape you want in the bread. You can use a cookie cutter or just use a knife. Melt some butter in a pan and place the bread on it. Once the bread browns a little, turn it over and crack an egg into the hole. Let the egg set and you're done. You can lightly toast the cutout hearts too!

Three-Ingredient Banana Pancake

This three-ingredient pancake is as easy and yummy as they come. 2 eggs, 1 ripe banana, and cinnamon powder. Mix all the ingredients, add some olive oil to a pan and place the mixture on it. Turn it over after about a minute and you're done!

An Unique Wooden Sign For Mom's Kitchen

Personalized Mom's Kitchen Wooden Sign - This Wood Carved Sign Makes One Of The Best Gifts For Mums - Buy Unusual Mother's Day Gifts From The Woodgeek Store

Moms spend most of their time in the kitchen. The kitchen happens to be their most best loved room in the house. This mother's day, while you spend a little time in her favourite space, it is a good idea to amp up the place with a classy wooden sign beautifully personalized with her name! Who knows, she might even cook you your favourite dishes to express her heartfelt appreciation for this delightful gift. 

Give Her a Day Off & Take Her Out

Mother's Day Ideas - Take her out and treat her to a spa - Woodgeek Store

Now that you're done with breakfast, plan a day of fun activities for her. She deserves a day off from the kitchen and from taking care of everybody. Take her out on a movie date. If she is a movie buff, make it a movie marathon!

Treat her at her favorite restaurant and plan a relaxing day for her at the spa. Spend time with her doing something she enjoys.

Gift Her Something Personalized

Customized Wooden Poster For Mother - This Custom Wooden Frame Makes One Of The Best Personalized Mother's Day Gifts - Buy More Unique Gifts For Mother From Woodgeek Store

What is Mother's Day celebration without a special personalized gift made just for her? Here is a gift guide to help you find the best Mother's day gift.

A Custom Wooden Frame Reflecting Your Bond With Mom

Customized Circular Wooden Frame For Mom - This Photo On Wood Makes A Perfect Mother's Day Gift - Buy The Best Gifts For Mom Online From The Woodgeek Store

A Custom Journal Filled With Memories

Engrave a photo of your mother and you along with a small message on a wooden notebook. Go the extra mile and fill it up with pictures and little notes. Your lifetime of memories presented to her in a wooden personalized notebook!

Personalized Notebook for Mother - Looking For Personalized Mother's Day Gifts? This Photo On Wood Engraved On Spiral Notebook Makes One Of The Best Gift Ideas For Mother's Day Gift Ideas From The Woodgeek Store

A Gift To Help Mom Rediscover Her Passion

Mothers spend so much time taking care of us as kids that in the process they let go of their dreams and interests. Help her rediscover her passion by gifting her something to prompt her to start doing what she loves again.

Surprise her with a inspirational wooden nameplate to encourage her to redesign her life. This customized nameplate engraved with the words 'New Beginnings' will definitely ignite the spark in her!

Customize Your Own Wooden Nameplates With Quotes Of Your Choice - These engraved nameplates make perfect gifts for moms - Buy unique mothers day gifts online from the Woodgeek Store



Does she love reading and writing? Gift your mother books she would enjoy reading and a customized wood journal to prompt her to start writing..

Mother's Day Gifts - Gift her books and a personalized writing journal - Woodgeek Store

Customized Notebook for Mother - Looking For Personalized Mother's Day Gifts? Buy Custom Wood Journal As A Gift For Mom From The Woodgeek Store

Is she an amateur photographer? Gift your mom a camera for beginners and help her explore her talent and a customized wood journal to write down all her new learning.

Customized Photo Journal - Personalized Mother's day Gifts - Customized Notebooks - Woodgeek Store


Here's a list of cameras for beginners:

  • * DSLR Cameras -
  • 1. Canon 1300D
  • 2. Nikon D3300
  • * Point and Shoot Cameras -
  • 3. Nikon Coolpix L840
  • 4. Sony RX100
  • 5. Canon Powershot SX720

If she is an artist, it's time to gift your mother a canvas, art journal, a sketchbook and sketching pens to encourage her to follow her passion.

Art Enables Us To Find And Lose Ourselves Wooden Notebook - This Personalized Art Journal Makes A Perfect Gift For Mum - Buy More Personalized Mother's Day Gifts From The Woodgeek Store

Here is a list of sketching pens for artists:

  • 1. Brustro Technical Black Pens
  • 2. Sakura Brush Pens
  • 3. Faber Castell Artist Pens

A Personalized Phone Case For The Tech-Savvy Mom

Mother's Day Ideas - Teach her something new - Personalized Wooden Phonecases for the Tech-savvy Mom - Woodgeek Store

Custom Engraved Iphone Woodcase - Looking For Perfect Mother's day Gifts?  These personalized wooden iPhone Case online from The Woodgeek Store

There comes a day when mothers realize that there is more to a phone than just calling and so begins her quest to figure out her phone. For the mother who keeps herself updated with the latest happenings via social media or has discovered the joy of gaming on her phone or loves watching videos on YouTube, a wooden phone case to protect her new found love is perfect!


 Personalized Gifts For Being The World's Best Mom 

Our moms work around the clock, without expecting much from us. They shower us with love and affection. Our mothers deserve gifts of appreciation for all that they do for us. Take the occasion of Mother's Day to acknowledge the loving efforts by gifting your mom The World's Best Mom Wooden Certificate, an unique Star Mom Trophy Award, or a Wooden Cup Trophy and Wooden Medal declaring her to be the best in the world.

  • The World's Best Mom Wooden Certificate

World's Best Mom Wooden Certificate - These Personalized Certificates Of Recognition Make Special Gifts For Mother's - Looking For Unique Mother's Day Gifts ? Buy Personalized Gifts For Her From The Woodgeek Store

  • Star Mom Wooden Trophy Award

Wooden Star Trophy For Mom - These custom awards and trophies make perfect gifts for mothers - Buy unique mother's day gifts online from The Woodgeek Store
  • The World's Best Mom Wooden Trophy Cup

Customized Wooden Trophy Cup For The World's Best Mom - These personalized  cups and trophies make great gift ideas for mom - Buy unique and personalized mothers day presents from The Woodgeek Store

  •  The World's Best Mom Wood Carved Medal

World's Best Mom Wooden Medal - These Engraved Wooden Medal Make Fun Yet Affordable Gift Ideas For Mothers - Buy More Unique Mothers Day Presents From The Woodgeek Store

Personalized Sunglasses For The Fashionista Mom

Mother's Day Gifts - Personalized Wooden Sunglasses for your mother - Woodgeek store

The Retro Brown Bamboo Sunglass - These Wooden Eyewear personalized with your mother's initials make the best mother's day gifts - Buy her more unique and personalized gift items from the Woodgeek Store

You know where you got your style from - your mother. Help your fashionista mother stand out in wooden sunglasses personalized for her. She will cherish a pair of personalized sunglasses engraved with her name or a message for her even more.

Travel With Your Mother

Customized Wooden Iphone Case - These Engraved Wooden Phonecases Make Perfect Mother's Day Ideas - Travel with your Mother and Present Her The Best Mother's day Gift From The Woodgeek Store


Mother's Day Ideas - Travel with your Mother - Best Mother's day Gift - Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

She took you on vacations while you were growing up even if you were the most annoying child. It's time you return the favour and give her an experience to remember. Mothers make the best travel companion. See the world with her and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Travelling enriches life. Gift your darling mother a wooden journal to inspire wanderlust in her. Journaling travel stories in this travel diary will encourage her to explore more places, and travel more often, and experience life to it's fullest.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Wooden Notebook - Gift Your Mom This Travel Journal As A Mother's Day Gift - Buy More Personalized Gifts For Mom From The Woodgeek Store

Volunteer At An Orphanage Or Oldage Home

Mother's Day Ideas - Volunteer at an orphanage - Woodgeek Store

Mothers are the most loving people, but not everybody is lucky enough to experience a mother's love. Volunteer at an orphanage with your mother and spread some love around!

Say 'I LOVE YOU' To Mom

Mother's are simple beings with simple wishes. Even if you get caught up in your daily affairs and are not able to go that extra mile, a simple "I Love You" from you will leave a smile on her face all day. 

Customized 'I Love You' Engraved Wooden Medal - This Unique Medal Makes An Affordable Gift For Mother's Day - Shop For More Unique Mother's Day Gifts From The Woodgeek Store


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