Dariye acho tumi amar gaaner o paare - Rabindranath Tagore - bamboo wood notebook


দাঁড়িয়ে আছ তুমি আমার গানের ওপারে।
আমার সুরগুলি পায় চরণ, আমি পাই নে তোমারে।
বাতাস বহে মরি মরি আর বেঁধে রেখো না তরী,
এসো এসো পার হয়ে মোর হৃদয়-মাঝারে।
তোমার সাথে গানের খেলা দূরের খেলা যে,
বেদনাতে বাঁশি বাজায় সকল বেলা যে।
কবে নিয়ে আমার বাঁশি বাজাবে গো আপনি আসি,
আনন্দময় নীরব রাতের নিবিড় আঁধারে।

Dariye aachho tumi aamar gaaner o pare,
Amar surguli paay choron, ami pai ne tomare.

Batash bohe mori mori, ar bendhe rekho na tori
Esho esho paar hoye, mor hridoy maajhare.

Tomar sathe ganer khela durer khela je,
Bedonate banshi baajay shokol bela je.

Kobe niye amar banshi bajabe go apni aashi
Anondomoy nirob raater nibir andhare.

This is part of the lyrics to a very famous song written by Rabindranath Tagore. He describes the pain of love and distance in this masterpiece. Tagore talks about being inspired to write a song for his lover even though she isn't beside him. He sings awaiting for her to accompany him in his song. There is a special kind of soul in the songs by Rabindranath Tagore. If you are a Tagore fan or know a Tagore fan, this wooden notebook is for you! This wooden journal comes with a wooden pen, which can both be customized with a name.

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- Pure bamboo hardcover notebook. 
- The regular notebook measures 18 x 13.5 cms. 
- The large notebook measures  24 x 15 cms.
- It contains 70 unlined brown pages.
- It includes a free bamboo pen.
- The black elastic band keeps your notebook securely closed.


-This notebook is made from natural wooden material. Expect variations in colour and wood grain texture. This is the characteristic of wood and makes each notebook unique.

You can personalize your wooden notebook and wooden pen by adding custom text. Upload your custom text to be engraved and we will email you a preview of your design within 2 working days.  After you confirm the design, your custom wooden notebook and wooden pen is engraved within 1 working day and dispatched on the next working day.

Text guidelines : 

1)You can upload text in any language and we will do the engraving accordingly.


- No cash on delivery for custom products. Please do not select cash on delivery during checkout. 

- Your design mockup will be sent to your email address within 2 working days after receiving your prepaid order. 

- You can ask for minor changes in your design mockup. However, this will further delay your dispatch date.  

Orders for non-customized products are shipped out within 2 working days. For custom engraved products, orders are shipped out after we receive an email confirmation for the design mockup sent to you.

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