6 Personalized Wood Engraved Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Personalized bamboo wood notebook with picture and text on Woodgeek Store

Loving is easy, but finding the best way to express love for your girlfriend on Valentine's Day is the difficult part. It's already February and you are probably breaking your head over Valentine's Day ideas for her.

As they say 'Actions speak louder than words' and by actions, we are certain they meant gifting custom engraved wooden gifts. After all, women love gifts! But it can be daunting to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend in this age of mass-produced goods. Buying her something off-the-rack takes the romance out of gifting. After all, the gift has to be as special as the person.

We, at the Woodgeek Store, understand this and help you create the perfect romantic personalized engraved wooden gifts for her. We customize everything with whatever you want us to - from bamboo notebooks with special love messages to wooden sunglasses engraved with names and wooden phone cases for Iphones with pictures on it. You ask, we deliver.

The uniqueness of our products lie not just in its customization but in the wooden products itself as wood grain patterns differ in every product. So we engrave a special gift solely for your girlfriend. Here are some romantic wooden personalized gifts ideas for her.


1. A personalized photo notebook with a couple picture or a photo of her

What better way to say it than a wood notebook with a photo. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a famous love quote to go with the picture, engrave your names in wood or add a personal message. A wood notebook with her photo makes the best personalized Valentine's Day gift for her!

Engraved bamboo wood notebook - Love forever- Woodgeek Store

 2. A custom wood phone case for Iphone engraved with a photo

Nothing will make your girlfriend happier than a picture of her or the two of you engraved on a wooden phone case along with a short romantic text or your names engraved on wood. It's a thoughtful and intimate gift for Valentine's Day.

Engraved wooden phone case for boyfriend or girlfriend

Customized wooden phone case with girlfriend's picture - Woodgeek Store

3. A bamboo notebook or wooden phone case engraved with her favourite movie quote or character, sportsperson, actor or someone who inspires them

Engraved bamboo notebook for Harry Potter fans - Woodgeek Store

If the above doesn't work for you and you still want to gift your girlfriend a personalized romantic gift for Valentine's Day, you could always gift them a custom made bamboo notebook or wooden phone case engraved with an image of an inspiring person, a favourite movie or tv series quote or character or sportsperson.


4. Engrave personal love notes or love quotes on a custom spiral bamboo notebook or wooden phone case

Engraved bamboo notebook with special love message for wife - Woodgeek Store

It doesn't get more romantic than personal love notes. Handwritten notes are passe, personalized engraved wooden products are the new thing. Engrave a personal love note on our bamboo notebook or a small love message on our wooden phone case or even sunglasses case. We can even engrave on the temple of your sunglasses but it has a 15 character limit. Not great with words? Say it with a love quote. Find a quote that expresses your feelings best and get it engraved by us. You can also choose something already on  Woodgeek Store and engrave it your names. 

5. Engrave your names in wood on our bamboo notebooks & pens, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses

    Wooden Sunglasses engraved with your name - Woodgeek Store

    The days of lovers' names and initials on tree barks may be over, but we could still engrave your names on our personalized wooden notebooks & pens, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses as Valentine's Day gifts. We make the best kind of custom engraved wooden gifts.


      6. Custom engrave a bamboo notebook, wooden phone cases, wooden sunglasses and spectacle frames in another language

      Bamboo Notebook with custom engraving in Hindi - Woodgeek Store

      Say it in another language. This is the best customized Valentine's Day gift. Tell her you love her in French or any Indian language. We engrave messages in Hindi, Bengali and other Indian languages too. After all, somethings only sound right in a certain language and we wouldn't want your love note to get lost in translation. Engrave your message in Bengali, Hindi and any other language on our custom bamboo wood notebooks, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and wood frame optical glasses.

      Sayantani Saha
      Sayantani Saha


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